Wednesday, June 20, 2007

kickin' back

Nothing too exciting happening around here. I took the kiddos to the library on Monday. They are all signed up for the summer reading program and once they read 15 books, they will earn a ticket to see the A T-Rex Named Sue exhibit! Such an awesome incentive to read~ they are excited, as am I! Meghan has already cruised through a book and is on her second.
Ashlyn has had a sore throat since Sunday, and I know she's not feeling well because this girl loves to read and has only glanced at a few of her books. When I took them to the library, I had to help her pick out some books. Usually she has 30 books in just a matter of minutes. She got only 15 this time. The kids and I all knew that she wasn't feeling well when we saw this.
I am going to call to get her seen tomorrow. She says she's feeling better, but she also told me that she doesn't want to go to the dr. She's got a low fever, too, but no other symptoms so I think it's more than just a cold.
I worked out in the garden for about 3 hours yesterday. It's coming along slowly but surely. I planted another row of corn, some tomatoes and some carrots. We haven't had much sun lately and nothing is growing as quickly as it would if we had more sunshine. It'll be at least 90 today, so maybe that will help. The strawberries are coming along nicely. In a few days we should have a nice snack. I just wish the plants grew as quickly as the weeds.
We discovered another leak in our sprinkler system last night, so Kenny has 2 places to repair in the backyard soon. It's an old system and my dad helped us replace the main system last summer as well as a few leaks, but they keep popping up. At least I have a new control panel and can shut the areas off that are leaking.
Nathan is going to turn in his application for Lumbermans today. He has a pretty good chance of getting hired. The general manager likes him and thinks he'd do well, so that's good. Kenny also spoke with a counselor at his old high school and she is going to forward Nathan's records our way. One step closer to getting him into school here. Now we have to wait until the end of August to know if he'll be accepted into school.
That's enough rambling for now. Have a good one!

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