Monday, July 30, 2007

It's been awhile

Hi there! I am horrible about keeping up with this thing. I really need to do a better job. :)

So, what's new here:

I decided to redo my scrappy space once again. I found these really cute baskets at Michael's for 50% off so I bought some. I even went back the next day to get the rest because I like them so much! I haven't filled all of them yet, but it's my goal this week.

we got Skye and Ashlyn moved into Meghan's room. It's got a fresh coat of paint and Kara painted some really cute clouds on the ceiling. I found a nice dresser for Ashlyn at a yard sale for $5 and all it needed was a fresh coat of paint, and it's perfect for her! Ashlyn loves the room and is really excited about sharing a room with Skye, but doesn't want to sleep in there alone, so until Skye gets home on the 12th, it will sit empty. At least all her stuff is in one place now and not spread all over the house.

I have a miserable summer cold. I haven't felt this awful in a very long time. Kara was down for a few days with it last week, and I sure hope today is the worst of it. I didn't sleep a wink last night, and it was hot and muggy on top of it, so Kenny didn't get much rest himself.

I made a difficult decision last week and have stepped down as a DT member for Creating Inspirations. It was not easy, and it was nothing more than me feeling that it was time to let go and move on. I love the incredibly talented girls on the team, and Beth is a doll! I will still hang out, but just not as a DT member.

That's about it for now. Nothing too exciting happening over here. :)

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