Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the kittens are here!!!

Yahoo! Molly's kittens have arrived!!! And they are so darn cute, in an ugly-cute kind of way. ;) their tiny bodies create such huge mews! The short story, she had her first today at 12:10AM and her last at 4-ish. She had 6 of them, but sadly kitten #4 was born stillborn. She wanted me there the entire time and I rubbed her belly which seemed to help her along. Each of the kids got to watch her give birth and they were amazed! It was pretty interesting. Icky but miraculous and I feel lucky that she wanted me to be a part of this with her. She's such a good mommy! She worked so hard and had a long 2 days. She surprised us all with how well she's doing.

We buried the dead kitty in the front yard by the cats mint plant. It was sad, and Ashlyn was distraught, but it's a good lesson in nature and thankfulness. Molly has 5 healthy babies to take care of and to be honest, she didn't pay the dead one any mind after I removed it and tried to revive it. I'll admit, I shed a tear. It was sad.

OK, I know this may sound odd, but Ashlyn was the first one to ask if she could hold and touch the dead kitten, so I let her. I figured why not, they could take a good look at something that they'll more than likely not want to (or even have the opportunity to) ever again. Her and Skye spent a long time examining all the little details like the teeth, paws, claws, eyes, ears, etc. They were fascinated and spent a long time looking it over. They were even smiling. I think they were happy just to be able to hold one of them since they are going to have to wait to do so with the others.

The pics aren't all that great, but it's a huge challenge to take a picture of 5 black kittens squirming all around a furry black momma cat. There will be plenty more in the near future!

I got my June CMK kit today!!! I plan to play tomorrow, but it's all going to depend on Miss Molly. :)


  1. How sweet!!!!! Birth is so miraculous!

  2. that's cute ! And a nice story!

  3. Oh how exciting!!! And yes, taking a picture has to be a challenge because they are the same color as their mama! :) Love the story! Just wonderful! Have fun with them!

  4. just look at all of those little fur balls! I think it's wonderful that the girls took such an interest in the kitten that didn't make it. It's very scientific and someday they may be in a class where they will cut open a cat to take a look. Not my thing but I just love hearing about girls taking an interest in that sort of thing.

  5. Congrats Miss Molly :) !!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story Rae.

  6. Awww Very Sweet pics and yes its sad that one died but what a great lesson for the girls. Looking forward to see all the beautiful projects youll create for CMK !


  7. oh how precious Rae! Life is amazing thing to witness - very very cute!
    Glad the girls were ok with the death of the 4th one. Very sad but at least there are 5 more healthy ones to look after. congrats on your new litter!

  8. ohhhh, what precious kittnes!! what are you going to do with them all?

  9. So sweet! You're right, that is a good lesson in thankfulness!


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