Friday, December 19, 2008

let it snow and snow and snow and snow......

Good morning! I know one thing for sure, we are definitely going to have a white Christmas, there is no doubt about it. Yay! We have 2 feet of the beautiful white stuff on the ground right now with more on the way in the coming week. Spokane set an all-time record for snowfall amounts yesterday with 19.4" falling in a 24 hour period. WOW! It started snowing early Tuesday morning the 17th of December and didn't stop until late last night. We still have a few more inches predicted to fall today. I have never ever seen anything like this in my life and I am at a loss of words as to how to describe it... awesome, in the true sense of the word, is the only thing that comes to mind. You see it and it looks like a lot, but until you get out and really get in it do you fully realize how much there truly is. It pretty much shut our city down. We are used to snow, but not used to the massive amounts we've had in such a short time. The schools shut down only for the 2nd time in over a dozen years (last year being the first) and the city encouraged everyone who could stay home to do so. And we did. Kenny had to go to work and he struggled just getting in and out of the driveway and said it was very rough and he almost got stuck several times.
The kids love it, as do I, it really sets the tone for Christmas break. This is a freaky year for Winter weather so far. I am just thankful that we haven't had an ice storm. Stay warm and safe my friends!

I am going to leave you with some pictures. I have to go to work this morning. Ugh. I seriously doubt anyone is going to be shopping today since the roads aren't in any better condition since it's back in the single digits for our highs today, but they told me to come in. *sigh* At least they called Kara off for this evening.


  1. It looks beautiful! Stay safe Rae! ;)
    (((holiday hugs)))

  2. That looks like so much fun!!!! My sister lives near you and told me about the snow, but your pictures make it more 'real'. Stay safe and warm!

  3. Holy Cow! I will never again complain about snow. Judging by the happy faces, everyone seems to be enjoying the monsterous amount that fell. You certainly will have a white Christmas. Thanks again for my beautiful ornament.

  4. Hi, luv ya blog, please come check out what I have left for you on mine
    hope to catch up soon, Luv Nat xx

  5. Holy Snow!! We got a ton too over the weekend.

  6. Oh I would love to have a white christmas! It looks like sooo much fun ;0) Merry Christmas to you and your family and be safe out there no those roads


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