Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

2009 is here and so far so good. :) Minimum wage went up today so I got a .37 cent an hour raise as of today. Yahoo! lol I work 9.5 hours today and it's all time and a half so that little bump in pay will add a few bucks to the good ole paycheck. Not to mention Kara and I are going to be working together all day, that will help make the long day more bearable. It's her last official day as a cashier, they have decided to keep her as a regular employee (she was hired on for seasonal help originally) and she is getting moved to the floor.
It's snowing again, always something that makes my heart happy. We could see close to a foot of new snow today and I love that I can look out the big windows at work and watch is coming down. It's so quiet and peaceful, even though it's going to be a rough drive home from work.
And another fun thing to start out this new year is that I have been selected to be on the Artz de Scrap design team! It's going to be fun and I am honored to be working with such amazingly talented ladies! I am eager to start on my first project which I hope to get in the mail shortly.

Well I leave you with an ornament I created for an ornament swap I participated in through the Say It With Letters site. I forgot to post it way back when. It was so fun to get some ornaments in the mail from all over the country. Some were whimsical and fun, others were vintage and oh-so-pretty. I love them all and look forward to pulling them out year after year. :)


  1. Happy New Year!!!!
    I stopped by and was catching up on you and WOW!!! look at all the snow and the roof! I can't imagine that much snow!!! LOL!
    Congrats on the new DT position! I'll be stopping by to see what you create!
    I love your latest creations too!!! Always pure talent!!!

  2. What a beautiful ornament! Congrats on the raise and the new DT!

  3. That ornament is soooo pretty! Love the page below, too!

    Check out my blog when you get a chance.... I left you something there! :)

  4. welcome to artzdescrap design team! we love your creations very much!

  5. OH what a cute ornament! Love it!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.