Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mix It Up mixer 26

hi all! Here is my take on mixer 26 from Mix it up! These pics of Emily jumping into the lake last month were perfect for this.

Be sure to check out what the other ladies on the team came up with... fantastic as always!

And I'd like to congratulate Juliana for making the Bo Bunny DT! Wohoo! It's about time someone snagged her talented self up. Hop on over to her blog and congratulate her.

I took Ashlyn back to the gi doctor in Seattle last week. It was a good appt., even though things are still up in the air a bit. The great news is that she is almost back to her weight that she was in Jan. The meds have really started to kick in and she is eating like a horse! She has put on 8 pounds in the last 3 weeks. She is also almost back to her old self, as well, which is what I missed the most. It's the little things that I have noticed and it makes my heart happy. She is more energetic than she has been in 7 months even though she still tires easily. This is frustrating to her because she feels so well now. Her boby just needs to play catch up.

She does have to do a follow up test in November and if a "flag" shows up than she will have to undergo another colonoscopy. Hopefully this will not be the case. I don't know how she would hold up to another one so soon after the first one.

We are also going to take her off her Asacol the end of Novemeber and see what happens. She has another gi appt. in mid-December and we will know in that 3 week time period wether she needs to continue the meds or we need to go in another direction. The doctor isn't 100% confident in diagnosing her with a true IBD just yet. She wants to be sure since her Colitis could have been a viral thing. Since she does have an autoimmune disease, and if turns out it's not Colitis, then we need to return to the oncologist and follow up in another direction. So, there is a mixed blessing there. We could know more in December or we could wait years again to know what is going on.

For now I will take things as they are. I am not sure what to hope for... either way it's something. I just need to really try to keep my spirit lifted and take things as they come and enjoy what we have now.

Take care and have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. I am glad to hear your little Ashlyn is feeling better! I hope thngs continue that way for her!

  2. thankyou for your thankyou message on my blog. I hope you enjoy using the products. I absolutely love the frame with the three black dresses, it looks fantastic.


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