Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kara's back on land and a fun wooden cupcake!

Our sweet Kara is home again!!! When I say home, I mean back in VA. Her ship pulled into Norfolk yesterday after being deployed for 6 months. I wish more than anything I could have been there to welcome her back, but I wasn't able to, however my heart is still bursting at the seams! I want to yell to the world. To every person walking by, "my girl is home!". I think some people think I am crazy, but I'll take crazy happy any day, over sadness and a heavy heart. I love my girls more than anything in this world.

Sadly, she is in Virginia. That is a long way from here. Too far away. From me. Thankfully we can talk just about every day now, like we used to before she shipped out in Jan. I didn't realize how much I truly missed that until yesterday, when she called several times. Hearing her beautiful voice was music to my ears, my heart. My soul. She is coming home for about two weeks soon, so I am going to enjoy every. precious. moment. I have with her. :) I haven't seen her since last October, which by the time she arrives here will be long 10 months. A lot has happened in that time. She has experienced some amazing adventures and has seen some wonderful places, and I cannot wait for her to share it all with me. To tell me story after story after story.

Onto scrappy things. I created this cupcake last week using this wooden 12" cupcake piece (well, pieces in this case) from Say It With Letters. I used a Sizzix die to cut the rosettes and then rolled each one, then glued them on. It took some time, but the end result is well worth it.

Everything else is from My Minds Eye, minus the buttons.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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