Saturday, September 3, 2011

more crop layouts and Ashlyn update.

It has been a crazy week around here. On Tuesday, Kenny and I took Ashlyn to Seattle for her GI appt. Overall she is looking good, just a few small isses- she is having some tests run to determine the course of action for them. She was also enrolled in a 20 year study, which is pretty cool! She get's a $20 check every six months for the next 20 years to answer a few health questions, mostly about how her disease affects school, social life and work. The dr. provides all the medical info. The purpose of the study is to track these kids and see how the early onset of disease affects their teens, 20's and even early/mid 30's. As well as the medication effects, as the kids use adult medications because that is all that is available. It's the first of it's kind and ultimately the goal is to develop new ideas for future generations. We decided to do it as a day trip- which equals about 10 hours of driving, but I was glad to have done it that way.

Ashlyn had her "first" day of Middle School on Thursday. All the 6th graders, were brought in for 3 hours in which they were able to get their schedule, locker, textbooks, and go through a shortened day traveling from each class and navigating the hallways. It was very overwhelming for her, but overall she did OK. Unfortunately, the school cannot locate all the medical notes that I had the dr's fax over in early June, so until those papers are in, she cannot qualify for a 504 or anything. This is so frustrating to me as I wanted everything set up and ready to go before she began school. Now, we will have to wait 3 weeks for a formal 504 meeting. I scrambled yesterday to get the papers to the dr's and wasn't successful- as it is a holiday weekend. I am hoping Tuesday will be more successful. All this time I have had to waste the past few days because of an error on their behalf. AND this directly affects Ashlyn. They didn't even have the relase for the school counselor to speak with Ashlyn's therapist, who really feels that it is important that certain things happen before Ashlyn starts school- but now they are telling me to come back on the first day and they "hope" to have the form I need. It's a really good thing that I have learned the art of patience and am able to breathe through this situation and handle it maturely. I am boiling inside, but anger will not help. I just need to continue to be focued and get done what needs to get done.

Anywho--- here are two more layouts I created using some challenges from the MSAM crop. All projects are due tomorrow, so there is still time to play. I was unable to finish all the challenges like I had hoped, but with a full week, it was difficult to keep my focus.

And this layout is from the weekly {stash} challenge I was hosting on 8/30. The challenge I posted was to use a not-so-great photo on your layout as well as supplies over 6 months old.

Off for now. Have a wonderful weekend all! :)

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