Wednesday, March 12, 2014

distressed jars

Hello. :) The last several days have been a bit hectic and quite frankly exhausting. Ashlyn was released from the hospital on Friday afternoon and we have just been trying to get back to "normal" along with tackling the learning curve of her new g-tube. It looked wonderful in the hospital, however it is not healing as well as it should which has caused us some distress. Her abdomen has had a lot of swelling that has not subsided, but like her surgeon said, they caused a lot of trauma and it's going to be a few months before she is really feeling well. Even amid all the intense pain and minor bumps, Ashlyn is so happy that she had the surgery done. I hope this is the start of a whole new life for her. She has been miserable for 3+ years with just a handful of "great" days. I am looking forward to a reversal of that. :)

The day before her surgery Ashlyn wanted to work on a project to keep her mind busy, so we spent the afternoon prettying up some canning jars. Here are mine. I LOVE how they turned out. Super easy to make. I plan to make a lot of them and maybe with some luck I will be able to sell some.

I plan to make some time to create today so I will be back soon. I need to find my groove again. 


  1. Love your jars and your 100th day page. So glad the surgery went well for your little girl. I hope she has a fast recovery!!! Congrats on the DT!!!

  2. So glad she is home!! I love love love your jars!!!!! Totally might lift those!!!! Pinning!!!!!!!!

  3. wow these are sooo pretty!!! LOVE All the colors and distressing!!!!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.