Sunday, April 5, 2015

All about Skylar- aka MASN Mash

On Friday, Skylar graduated from her "A" school so we took a day trip to attend her ceremony. After her ceremony, we went down to the San Antonio Riverwalk and spent a few hours there to pass the time before she could officially sign out of the base and begin her leave. The Riverwalk is AMAZING!!! What a cool place the city has created! I didn't want to leave, but we are planning to take some day trips in the near future as it is only about a 2-1/2 hour drive from us.

During the graduation ceremony, Skylar received and has earned the right to proudly wear her Naval Security Forces badge. She was beaming with pride and again, I am (we are) SO PROUD of her!!!

This is her last photo in her gear during training (minus her M16 and Pistol):

Here are some photos during the ceremony (all unedited):

And here are a few photos I took along the Riverwalk:

my hubby and I:

and of course this adorable little chubster who was immensely unimpressed with her surroundings (she's 12 weeks already! The time sure has flown by!):

I still have a hard time believing that this beautiful young lady has been in the Navy since 2 December, 2014. I blinked and my sweet baby girl became a young woman who is on her way to living a full life with incredible journeys ahead of her. She will be home with us until the 17th, and then will head off to begin her next chapter; a new career and adventures in Bahrain. 

I wish I could pack myself right along and be with her, because letting go again is the most difficult thing a mother can do. My heart is breaking, yet it is so full of joy for her. She is spreading her wings and her time as "mine" is over. She belongs to the world now and I sure hope it treats her well. <3 p="">


  1. Great pics!!!! Congrats to your daughter!! That is an amazing accomplishment!!!!!! The River Walk is pretty cool!! Brian and I went there when I was pregnant with Brookie ... but we weren't really impressed with The Alamo! LOL!!!!

  2. Congrats to your daughter!! Such great pictures!! I am sure it is hard to let her go!! Will keep you in my thoughts!!


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