Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day frame set

It's all about Mom for the newest challenge on Frosted Designs! 

Since it is our daughter Kara's first Mother's Day, I wanted to create something special for her. I found this Sculpey clay frame kit at Michael's and decided that this would be perfect. 

It's difficult to see, but there is an imprint of Aubree's foot and hand, at least most of it. lol It's not 
easy trying to get an almost 4 month old to open her fist long enough to make an imprint, but aside from missing most of her index finger, it didn't turn out too shabby. :)

Here is the card I made to go along with it:

and here is the complete set:

I hope Kara likes it. I know she will be surprised and not expecting anything, which makes it all the more special. 

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I would like to take this time to wish all you Mom's out there a very special Mother's Day. 

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  1. Love love love love this!!! Perfect first Mommy's day gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.