Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Oh boy, it's been awhile since I have updated. I need to update, so here goes.
Lets see, in the past few weeks:
My ankle started hurting again on the Monday before labor day, and by that Friday I was at the emergency clinic and left in a walking cast up to my knee, some meds and using crutches. It was a fast and painful downfall and it's pretty serious and scary. It's more than likely my nerve, but the dr.'s are not quite sure yet. I was put on seizure meds to see if it would help calm the nerve, pain pills, and an anti-inflammatory. The seizure pills threw me for a loop and I had some awful side effects. I spent the first two days basically high as a kite and slept for most of the weekend. I started to feel a tiny bit better on Monday (I was able to sit up for a few minutes... LOL), and Tuesday I went back to the dr. and asked if I could cut them back, so I did and yesterday was truly the first day that I felt as if I had a clear head. I have spent the past 10 days resting my leg and it's not my thing to be dependent upon others to do just about everything for me. I am pretty stubborn and it has humbled me. I had an MRI yesterday, and I should know what the next step is in a day or two. At this point I am not sure which aches more, my ankle/leg or my arms from using crutches. I have some major crutch rash going on along my bra strap along my sides that is just flat out painful. There is pretty much nothing I can do for that one.

Everyone started school on Sept. 6th. Ashlyn cried the first 3 days and it just tore my heart in two, but today I don't think she even cried, unless she did so on the way to school, which I hope not. Nathan really likes school and is eager to get himself going and caught up as soon as he can. Skye is loving middle school and says that it's great that the day goes by so quickly. She is planning to join Cross Country, which I think she'll enjoy.

Ashlyn's 8th birthday (already *sniff sniff*) was on Sunday the 9th. She had a wonderful day and we really made her feel special. We started her day with some balloons and a tiara (she wanted a crown, but she settled for an inexpensive tiara... heehee). She got to open her presents which were primarily Littlest Pet Shop, her most favorite thing in the whole world. I think she's pretty close to having all of them now. Kenny and I took her to lunch at Quizno's (her choice) and we got to see a Med Star Helicopter, which she thought was super cool! We took her to the store to get ice cream and she walked out with a smaller version of what she really wanted; a BMW. The girl sure has expensive taste! LOL! Before she went to bed she told us that she had a awesome birthday and that she was glad the day went by slowly. That's all that I needed. :)

I think that about covers it. Aside from me being laid up and life still having to go on, I think it's been working pretty well. Kenny has to pick up most of the slack by taking me anywhere I need to go and picking Meghan up from work and taking Nathan to school, but hopefully it's just for a short time. I have been really good at resting and not using my foot, but only because I know that if I don't I could cause some long-term damage. The thought of not being able to function and be independent in the long term scares me enough to take it easy now.

I hope all is well with you! I'll update again soon with some layouts. :)

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  1. Wow! Get better soon, girly!! We miss your layouts. :)


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