Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

well, I've been mia for a bit now. The past 2 weeks have been a blur and have been so long. As many of you know, I had ankle surgery on Dec. 20th which was much more of a challenge than I had even anticipated. I figured I'd be down a few days and then be up and about almost like normal by the time I went back to the doctor to get my cast removed on the 28th, but this just isn't the case. The pain has been so intense and it really took me by surprise. Pain pills are not something I like to take, but Percocet has been my lifeline! lolI honestly don't know what I would have done without it. There were a few days where I couldn't keep anything down and it was miserable. All I could do was lie there and sleep and watch TV. Talk about boring! The slightest movement of the bed was pure torture and Kenny had to sleep on the couch a few times.
It's been two weeks as of today and although things are slowly getting better, I still have a long path ahead of me (a road seems too long today ;)).
My foot is sort of "stuck" at a 24' angle and I can't get it to go much farther that that, but once I get my sutures out tomorrow I am going to start doing some PT exercises to help this process along. I should be wearing my walking cast now for added support, but I just can't get it on at this point. Once I begin PT again next week things should start moving along quickly, at least I hope so. :) Wish me luck!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! I managed to make it out to the sofa for the kids to open their gifts. Ashlyn's reaction to receiving a DS was the best! Nathan loves his "Death Stick" hammer and Kara and Meghan are giddy with their cameras! Totally made my heart happy! Skye was with her dad and it was lonely for all of us without her. :( I then slept most of the rest of the day and hobbled out again for a lovely dinner that my dh prepared mostly by himelf with just a bit of help from the kids. He made a Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, stir-fry veggies and rolls. He was pretty worn out, but it was well worth it!

That's about it for now. I could type for hours, but I would rather use my energy on other things. :)

I wish each of you all the best in 2008! I have this feeling that it's going to be a wonderful year full of many changes and fun things! My gut tells me that I will be doing things I never expected or thought I would do. I sure hope this is true! take care!

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  1. Happy New Year Rae! I hope you get to being a little more mobile soon!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.