Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's {finally} Spring!

I am giddy with happiness! Spring has finally decided to make her debut around our little corner of the world. :) Just a few days ago we were getting snow every day and had several inches of of the fluffy white stuff on the ground (the dogs were loving it!), and it appears that is behind us now. Yesterday was the nicest day we've had in a long time, and it's just going to keep getting warmer and warmer! In a little over a week we'll be in the 60's. Yay!
The girls and I spent a bit of time out working in the yard yesterday. I have come to enjoy the process I once dreaded. A little bit of yard work really does go a long way to lift my spirit. We only spent about an hour outside working, but with everyone pitching in a bit it made a noticeable difference. I raked the leaves out of the flower bed in the front and pulled some pesky weeds. It's starting to look alive in there! While I was doing that Meghan and Kara worked in the backyard pruning the roses and grapes and Skye and Ashlyn filled holes that the dogs have dug. I also raked the leaves from the strawberries and I was delighted to find that they are poking their way through the ground.
Once we finished with that we went to Fred Meyer to get some groceries and I couldn't resist going into the garden area. I bought several types of fuschias, geraniums and some trailing plants to add to the fuschia baskets and geranium pots. It's a bit early, but I am hopeful that Spring is here to stay. :)


  1. I luv that picture of the Doggies playing in the snow. Yes I tooo hope that Sping has Sprung !


  2. OMGosh- it's been 90 degrees here the past two days (I'm in South FL). ENJOY your beautiful weather - (Sounds like you already are)!

  3. What cute pics Rae!! Happy Spring!
    Happy warmer weather!! :) HUGS Rae!

  4. ooohhh, I'm so jealous that you've been working in your yard. I like your retaining wall. Wanna come over and help me build one? I can't wait to get home this afternoon and pick up the yard. The puppies have drug everything they think is a toy into the yard and it is in shambles! They have been digging holes!

  5. Oh I hope Spring is here too! Flowers always lift my spirits as well, can't wait to get some! I actually got to spend time outside and rake today...exactly what I needed too!

    Hugs Rae!

  6. The photo with the dogs is so cute!! Enjoy spring!

  7. Your post and picatures give me hope here in the Northeast. We still have snow in places and woke this morning to a dusting of the white stuff. But we're seeing lots of robins so sring can't be too far behind.


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.