Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a message just for me

I often listen to one of the local Christian radio stations when I am in my car. This morning on my way home from the water aerobics class at the Y, I really wasn't in the mood to have any noise, but something inside told me to turn the radio on anyway. As I was taking in the sermon, I couldn't help but feel that the message was being spoken to me, as if it were written for me and the struggle that i am facing within myself. It was a remarkable feeling that washed over me. I just know it was sent to me as a gift from God and I need to find it within myself to make the most of the words and lighten the burden on my heart. Sadly I am not sure if I want to allow those words, this gift, to be opened and used because it just means I will be vulnerable to even more pain and heartache and letdown which is sure to hurt me even more the next time this burden is laid before me. *sigh* I am tired and I know that this message was sent for me to give me some energy and hope, but I am not finding that right now. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week. Who knows when I will find the right time to open it. At least for now I have it to hold onto and ponder how it will be used in the manner it was given. It will be available when I need it most. I find great comfort in that.

Onto scrappy stuff... the frame and birdhouse I created with one of the two gorgeous May kits from Create My Keepsake. I used the Raspberry Limeade kit for them. They will be available first thing tomorrow morning here for non-members and they are sure to go quickly.

This is the card I created with this weeks sketch on Di's blog. As always, the girls on the team outdid themselves and it's pure eye candy to see their takes each week!

I am off to play some Mario Kart with the kids, or should I say get my butt kicked. *giggle*


  1. Beautiful creations! Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Oh Rae! I pray you find the peace and comfort your are seeking! Take the Lord's message, hold on to it, the moment will come when you are ready to accept it. Hugs girly!
    I must say you really rocked the monthly CMK kit AND the sketch for Sketch This! beautiful beautiful creations! I can't WAIT to get my Raspberrie kit now!! Thanks for the inspiration! Keep your chin up - you are much loved! Hugs - renee lamb

  3. Your projects are so Beautiful ! Amazing how the Holy Spirit works thru us and just as amazing is that your heart was open to listen. Hugs, Norma

  4. These are lovely, Rae! Love the little birdhouse!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.