Sunday, August 3, 2008

catching up

Good morning! It's a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun is out, the birds are singing and it's going to be a warm day, but not too hot. Perfect!

The past few days have been a rollercoaster. On Tuesday my in-laws arrived. It was a nice visit with them.
On Tuesday my dh's heart went out of rhythm. He hadn't been feeling well over the weekend and it seemed that his meds were not working well for him. By Thursday when we went to see the Electrophysicologist he was feeling awful. It was decided that my dh needed to have his follow-up procedure asap, which was going to be two weeks, however, there was an opening on Monday (tomorrow) so the doc. told my hubby to check into the hospital Friday morning to spend the weekend there waiting for the procedure. (He needs to be off his meds and the best way to monitor him is to have him hooked up to a heart monitor in the hospital where if something were to happen it can be taken care of immediately. It's boring for him, but the safest way.) Kenny started crying because he is so thankful that he was able to have this procedure sooner than later. He had a rough week and just knew he couldn't wait much longer. The angels were definitely watching over him. Had I not witnessed it myself I probably would not have believed it, but his heart rate went from 90 something up to 296 and then dropped down to 39 and back to the low 100's where it stayed for a while... all within a minute. That was one of the worse jumps he has ever experienced. Thankfully he was sitting down or he might have been out cold on the floor. Scary stuff I tell you.
Last night was rough for him. His blood pressure was really high, 180/140, when I first arrived. I had been home all day because Skye has Katie all weekend and I can't leave her alone so the girls and I didn't get to see him until after 4. He was told to lie back in bed and rest, so the girls and I ate and then I brought some food up to his room for him to eat thinking it might help him feel a bit better because he was waiting for us so we could all eat dinner together. It did because after he ate and rested it was down to 130/90. We didn't stay long. :( I called him about 8pm last night to check on him and his bp was up again and he had a migraine so I didn't talk long. I sure hope he's feeling better this morning. It's too early to call and check on him.

His procedure is going to be sometime Monday... we have been told several different times, but last we heard it was going to be at 4PM. It's a 4-6 hour procedure and a bit more extensive than the 2 Ablations he had back in July (3 weeks ago). I am not really sure what they are doing this time, I just know that it's more complicated and will take much longer. Oh, and that trying to locate the trouble area is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. yikes! I just pray that they are able to take care of this and that Kenny doesn't have to undergo this once again. The dr. said that if everything goes as planned Kenny should be off the Flecanide and other meds. I sure hope this is the case!

This is draining on all of us in different ways. I am worried about my dh and the bills and trying to keep a smile on my face so the girls don't worry. They are stressed and scared that their daddy is going to die. I keep re-assuring them that he's going to be just fine and that they shouldn't worry. He's not at high risk for death, but there is a chance, especially a high risk for him having a stroke and it does cross my mind. He's worn out and he's irritable and frustrated and just tired of feeling this way. I totally get that and I know it's not easy for him to be down. It's really just draining on every level for us, but there is no use in wallowing because that isn't going to do anyone any good. I try to just keep on with "normal" daily life because letting everything else go isn't going to do anything but make things worse. I am really hoping I get the chance to finish my book today and scrap after I attend to a few chores around the house.

Friday just so happened to be my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. lol! It wasn't all that bad. I never have high expectations for anything which is a good thing. Although it would have been nice to have my dh home with me, it really is just another day and his health is way more important than celebrating my birthday. After I dropped my in-laws off at the bus station and my dh was checked into his room at the hospital I was so mentally and physically drained that I went home and took a nap and then just rested for several hours. I got up around 1pm and felt so much better. I took the girls to Target, to Michael's and the scrapbook store then we stopped by Fred Meyer and picked up a birthday cake and then we headed to the hospital to celebrate. Not so bad. We came home early and I cleaned up a bit, read, watched some TV with the girls and went to bed.

I have a summer cold. Summer colds are the worst. It really hasn't been all that warm here lately. It's been in the 70's, which is well below normal. I have been bundled up in pants and a sweatshirt walking around with a box of Kleenex. Ha! I have been taking some Airborne too, but not consistently. I didn't get much sleep last week and I am sure that's what really wore me down. I can usually fight it off before it starts, but not this time. As long as I am feeling better tomorrow I'll be good to go.

Anyway, I haven't scrapped at all this week, but here is my card for Di Hickman's sketch July #5 (I used a beautiful card kit from Say it With Letters to create it) as well a my take on Sketch This 60.

Well, I am off to dig into the day! I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Jeez my dear! I hope you went and bought yourself a birthday cake! That's what I did when my hubby was in the hospital over my birthday! You deserve it!
    Cute cards too! With all that's going on in your life it amazes me that you find time to create!


  2. Sending you my best wishes for the days to come!

  3. Big big hugs girl!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could have done something to make your birthday brighter!

  4. I hope all is going well today Rae! I will be thinking about you!

  5. Sending lots of hugs to you, Rae! So sorry about the rollercoaster you are on and that your birthday wasn't very exciting. Here's hoping that this next year is better for both of you!!

  6. Oh my gosh! That card is so pretty. I didn't even recognize that it was from our kit! Beautiful job Rae! :)


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.