Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meghan swearing in layout and update on Ashlyn

Finally got around to scrapping these pics of Meghan officially swearing in to the Navy. She's been in about 8 months now. lol Even sadder is that I have yet to get to Kara's, which was 13 months ago. I really need to get on that!

supplies: I dug into my stash for a lot of the patterned paper on this one.
cs: Bazzill
pp: MME, Jenni Bowlin Studio, and Fancy Pants Designs
stickers: AC Thickers and LYB

Last week was a busy week for Ashlyn and I. She had 5 scheduled Dr. appointments. One of those being skin allergy testing. Ever since she had a violent reaction to peanut butter back in early January, her little body has gone haywire. We now know that she is officially allergic to peanuts, almonds, and navy beans. We were also advised that she just stay away from other nuts as well, just in case.

She wasn't having a very good week pain wise, and that really presented itself late Thursday night. I will not go into detail, however she has had some weird things going on with her GI tract. She had an x-ray done Friday and the results showed that there was some "other gastrointestinal findings" which could mean anything. Of course this was the 11th hour on Friday, and her regular Dr. she has weekly appt's with is on vacation for the next two weeks, so tomrorow when I go in to have her weight checked will be interesting. I am sure there are some orders for more testing, and a visit with the GI dr. is sure to be included. And I was looking forward to a quiet week with only 3 appointments. *sigh* I am tired. I am worn out from this. I know Ashlyn's patience is worn out as well. She is snappy and irritable and has no livliness. I am hopeful for some answers soon, but as time as proven, I will not be surprised to be left patiently waiting. It just breaks my heart to see her suffering, because that is what it is. Constant pain and tears and just curled up in a ball because that is the only way she get a managable level of comfort. I wish I could take it all away from her. Right this moment.

Have a beautiful day and a wonderful week!

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