Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some Valentine's Day projects- and more

March already! I am finally getting around to posting these projects I made for Ashlyn, Skylar, and Emily for Valentine's Day. The last few weeks have been crazy and it's taken me a few days to settle down.
I used some frosting containers and papers from WRMK. Also used are stickers from Pink Paislee, Momenta, Bees from Petaloo, brads and ribbon.

Ashlyn's set:

                                                                         Skylar's set:

Emily's set:

As some of you know, Ashlyn has been ill off and on for years now. Many of her doctors have suspected something autoimmune, but nothing has really presented itself, and it could take years to diagnose this if indeed she truly has something autoimmune. She had a REALLY GOOD streak of feeling well back in the end of September through November, only to take a decline a few weeks before Christmas. She was just getting one viral thing after another and just feeling, and looking horrible. Then toward the end of January she started to bounce back, only to be knocked down by a terrible allergic reaction to peanut butter. This sent her body over the edge and she slowly began to decline dramatically. It got to the point where in a 3 week period she lost 5 pounds, and being that she is 11 and was down to 53 pounds and was unable to walk, had a fever a rash and all over pain, this prompted emergency action. She was admitted to our local children't hospital on Thursday morning, Feb. 17, was given an NG tube and kept there for 9 days. They figure the fever and rash were caused by a virus and everything else because her body wasn't receiving enough nutrients, although fortunately her levels were still in great shape. They were unable to pinpoint exactly what happened, but they did rule out anything cancerous or neurological. We finally made it out Friday the 25th in the late evening. She was sent home with the NG tube and has had nothing but formula feeding via the feeding tube since. They are calling it "failure to thrive" something typically seen in infants and toddlers. She hasn't had much growth the past 2 years and this is a concern. She is doing wonderfully now! She's had a lot of PT and has been working hard and progressing quickly. She is up and walking, able to sit and do play games and work on school, things she hasn't been able to do for numerous weeks. She has a smile on her face and oh to hear her sweet laughter! What a blessing!  Our girl is back and it's beautiful! She still has a recovery period, but she's strong and determined and will be successful.
the day after she was admited:

the day before she was dischared. HUGE difference!

Life is good! I'll be back soon- take care!
blessings, Rae


  1. Absolutely WONDERFUL gifts, these are fabulous!!! I am soooo happy to hear your dd is doing wonderful!!! Big hugs to her!

  2. Hi Rea! Thank you for dropping by my blog and congrats to you too. I'm sorry to hear about Ashlyn's illness but happy that she's recovering well. What a coincidence that your other daughter is working here in Malaysia. I hope she has a good time and experience while working here.
    All the best to you and I'm looking forward to working with you too!

  3. i love your projects...very beautiful!

    sorry about your daughter's illnesses, but so glad that she is feeling better.

    i look forward to working with you on the butterfly crafts dt!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.