Monday, January 16, 2012

My sweet Skylar is 16 today!

My sweet, fun-loving, always laughing and smiling, unpredictable, beautiful Skylar tured 16 today! :) This photo encompasses the essense of her free and creative spirit perfectly. (it was taken last summer)
I have been blessed to have her in my life- she is a joy and I just could not imagine life without her, although there are times where her ADHD is exhausting- like the time where she put a pancake in a napkin, poured syrup on it and then placed it on her forehead because it was warm. (and this was just last month). I never know from moment to moment what crazy thing she will do next, but I do know that she will always have a big beautiful smile and a true, pure sparkle of laughter that will will make my heart happy.
I love you my beautiful girl and I hope your dreams will all come true!

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