Saturday, January 28, 2012

two MS layouts and an update on Ashlyn

hi! I hope your weekend has been off to a great start. :)
Here are two more layouts I created earlier this month for the Memorable Seasons sketch-a-thon. These are the last two sketches I was able to get to, although there are still a few more days to finish them off.

here is my layout for sketch #11:

and for sketch #13, which is a two-pager:

I also have a quick update on Ashlyn. She appears to be having a Crohn's flare. :( The past two weeks have been miserable for her and she has dropped about 6 pounds in this time- she is back down to the "danger level" of 68 pounds. We will find out on Tuesday if she will have to have the NG tube placed back in to support her nutritional needs. EVERYTHING she eats makes her nauseous and she has been living on Zofran to help ease this. She has also been extremely tired- she has missed a lot of school due to this and she will literally sleep 6-7 hours at a stretch during the day. Unfortunately she will also have to undergo yet another colonoscopy and endoscopy as soon as they can fit her in. This will be her 4th in as many years. She is such a sweetheart and a trooper and is hanging in there the best she can. It really breaks my heart knowing that there is nothing I can do for her but try to keep her as healthy and comfortable as I can. I wish there was a quick fix, but sadly this is something that she (we) will have to continue to live with. I just pray that we can find some more answers in the next few weeks and develop a new plan to start the process of healing once again.


  1. Raechelle, your layouts are beautiful, I hope Ashlyn can feel better soon, my grandfather had Crohns for 42 years, so I know exactly what you and Ashlyn are going through, poor thing...sounds like she's a brave girl, I hope since she's young there will be some kind of treatment in the very near future, Chrohns is miserable, keep your head up, I'll be thinking of you both :)

  2. sorry for the confusion in the name and comment above, it's me Laurie from SWAT, me and my daugher Analise's google accounts get mixed up sometimes...

  3. Both of these layouts are beautiful Raechelle, I really love the pretty girlie colours against the white and your wonderful stitching and banner. I am sorry to hear that Ashlyn is not well and suffering from this debilitating condition. I am with Laurie in hoping that a treatment or cure for this disease is found soon. Hugs to you both. :)

  4. Raechelle, your layouts are so patterned papers, colors and photos. And I really like the angle of your photo of Ashlyn riding her IV pole. :-) I do hope she can come out of this flare up soon and start gaining back some weight. My younger brother was diagnosed with Crohn's in his early 20s, and he has had it under control with diet, exercise and medication for some years now. But at the beginning we went through some very scary flare ups and hospitalizations with him, so I know how tough it can be. I will keep Ashlyn's good health in my prayers.

  5. Hi.. just coming by to see what you have been up to.. the layouts are really lovely.. soft colors and gorgeous designs... i am so sorry to read about your daughter.. i do pray she will feel well again soon... it sounds like a difficult chapter in your lives... take care of yourselves...

  6. Rae.. I think of you and Ashlyn. She's an amazing girl to stay positive during this time. And you're an amazing Mom!

    I especially love that first layout with the banners and stitching. I love the colors too. Take care of yourself. xo


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.