Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Simple Pleasures- CMS challenge #37

Hello! :) I got sidetracked again. lol
The past two months have brought numerous positive changes to us (finally!). Patience has paid off big time. Ashlyn has finally responded to the Remicade infusions (insert ecstatic happy dance here :)). Most people see/feel results after the 2nd and/or 3rd infusions; it took her 5 for us to notice anything positive. She goes in for #6 on Monday so I am expecting even more improvement in her energy/pain levels. We also changed her diet drastically within the week of her receiving infusion #5 (she is 100% gluten free, fructose free, dairy free in addition to nut free as she has both peanut and tree nut allergies, white bean-free and pea-free. This has by far been the single most difficult task I have undertaken- it is HARD and somewhat frustrating to feed this kid, but the struggles are well worth it.) so that could have also been a huge factor, but whatever it is, it is working and my sweet girl is the healthiest she has been in over 5 years! She has a lot more energy now. We don't have to put her in a cart when we go shopping, she doesn't have to take a nap after a simple task such as getting up to use the restroom or to eat. She can go downstairs to watch a movie or play the x Box- something she hasn't done in over 2 years. She still has a lot of recovery, but every day she seems to do something new and it is the very best feeling. It's honestly like having a 13 year-old toddler- that is how I can describe it to make it understandable. My heart is overflowing with happiness!

With her health improved, I was able to land a "real" job. I started to work for ProBuild almost 5 weeks ago- it's basically a lumber yard. Never in my life would I have pictured myself working in a lumber yard. lol And I don't have a desk job. I am not sure how to describe my role other than I do a little bit of everything that someone needs me to do, from paperwork and data entry to counting materials to scheduling deliveries even helping a customer load lumber into his truck. It is very physical and mentally challenging, but I love it! I make good money, have steady hours and learn so many new things each day. The opportunities are endless with this new job and I cannot recall a time that I have loved a job as much as I do this one.

Life is awesome!!!

So, I made some time to scrap. I am so bummed that I missed the deadline for the Color Me Scrappy challenge #37, but hopefully I will get the next one in on time. I don't know which I adored more- the color scheme or the adorable inspiration.

Here is my layout:
the challenge was to use this beautiful color palette:

                                       along with this sketch:
I am looking forward to creating with the next challenge!
Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!


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  1. Such wonderful news!!! Love the page you created!!


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