Monday, October 21, 2013

She Wore a Feather in Her Hair and other ramblings...

Today my oldest baby girl, Kara Rae turned 23. It really does just seem like yesterday that I was holding her for the very first time. Now she is married, is currently deployed in the Mediterranean, has visited some amazing places that most people only dream about, and has grown up to be an incredible young woman. I have been a little emotional today. I miss her so much and have only had the chance to hear her sweet voice twice since she deployed in early February. I hope she knows how much she means to me and that she knows how much I wish I could call her to wish her a Happy Birthday. 

I still marvel at this beautiful girl woman! She is amazing! :) 

Right now she is somewhere on this ship. Somewhere unknown to me. I hope she was able to have a good day in spite of this. 

I haven't scrapped too much lately. Ashlyn fell ill and we had a rough couple of weeks dealing with low blood pressure and heart rate issues which are new for her. She also had a 2.5 pound weight loss in just 10 days. She has fallen down to 81 pounds now. She has lost 8 pounds since her ng tube was removed in late April, and she really should have gained that, not lost it. So now she is almost 16 pounds below her target weight. We go back to her growth doctor in two weeks and I just pray that she has gained some of that weight back or else the ng tube is back on the table. She had a pretty good week last week, she made it to school 4 days, and then again today, for a total of 5 in a row, which is the most school she has attended this year. Unfortunately she came home from school quite ill today. Cool body temp, low bp and heart rate. We thought we were past all this. :( I am afraid that we are caught up in a cycle that is posing a big decline to her health. We will just have to give it a few more weeks and then make some drastic decisions. Cutting back on school will probably be forefront. She only attends 4 classes as is, but we will probably start keeping her home on Wednesdays just so she will have a break during the week to keep her balanced. 

anyway... onto a scrappy project. 

This is my take on the current challenge on the Color Me Scrappy blog, challenge #48
The twist was to use a feather on your layout. I am really not into the feather craze, but I decided to try to make some, and they turned out way better than I even imagined they would. I simply stamped on some vellum, cut a random feather shape, glued some waxy flax for the vein, and cut to add the "feather". Super easy. These took about 5 minutes total.

Thanks for hanging in there. This was a long, somewhat rambling post, but sometimes you just gotta get it out. ;)

P.S. Our first granddaughter is due any day now. EEK!!! I cannot wait! Our son and his gf live in Wisconsin, and unfortunately we are not going to get a chance to get out there, but hopefully we'll get to see them all in June when Skylar graduates. 


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter!!! And I hope you littlest gets better soon!! I love love love love your lo!! LOVING the colors and those feathers!!!!

  2. What beautiful girls you have. Happy birthday to your daughter and I hope Ashlyn feels better soon! Poor thing. Great layout. Love the feathers. :)


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