Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reflections on 2015

2015 marked our first full calendar year living in Texas and what a year it has been! Once again I am blessed and ever-so thankful for my family and friends, and just being here. :)

Some highlights of the year:
  • Ashlyn's Crohn's was declared in remission! She was well enough to able to enjoy being a somewhat normal teenager/kid for the first time in over 8 years.

  • She was able to attend Camp Oasis this summer, a camp for kids with IBD for the first time and had a blast! Being healthy enough for her to be able to do so warmed our hearts. She made some wonderful friends and was able to personally connect with others who share her disease and fears.

  • She has recently been able to successfully wean from 21 months of EEN (exclusive enteral nutrition) and even better; after five years she hasn't had to use formula for several months to maintain her weight. 

  • Kara delivered Aubree in early January- what a joy she is! Being in the delivery room and watching this beautiful angel being brought into the world is an experience I will never forgot. Ashlyn was honored to be the one to cut the cord- that was also an experience that was full of joy and tears and awe. Caring for her and watching her grow while her mama is finishing school has been delightful (although tiring at times!)!

  • Skylar graduating from Navy Boot Camp. Seeing her after her graduation ceremony was amazing. She had grown and blossomed so much in such a short time. 

  • Going to Matagorda Beach to collect shells with my hubby. We feel fortunate to live close to the beach and ocean. 
(Ken and I having fun with some of the shells. lol!)

  • My step-daughter Emily having a baby girl, Hally. in late January. We have been unable to meet our "newest" granddaughter as of yet, but hope to do so in the new year. 
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new crafty things, especially sewing. I plan to work more on that in 2016. 

There were a few lows, but not too many:
  • Skylar moved to Bahrain. 
  • Ashlyn was diagnosed with Psoriasis. She started breaking out on her face in late July and by the beginning of December her entire body was covered. :( This photo was taken in November, when it still looked "good". Thankfully most of this is gone now as she received a proper diagnosis a few weeks ago and four prescription topical creams.

  • Ashlyn's spinal fusion surgery she was supposed to have December 4th was cancelled due to the rash that was misdiagnosed which led to the diagnosis of Psoriasis. We will plan for it again sometime in late summer as it causes her a lot of pain and discomfort. 

I wish each and every one of you much joy, success, good health, creativity and whatever else you are hoping for in 2016!!! 

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  1. WOW! Sounds like a lot is on your plate! I'll pray for you and your family to have a Blessed New Year! :)

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