Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a card and some more kitten pics

*grin* I told you you'd be tired of kitten pics. I managed to get these a few minutes ago. I got a few OK shots, but these little buggers were all over the place. It didn't help that Charlie, our 10 month old Great Dane wanted to help clean them. He's so curious and spends a long time just staring at them with his ears up and head cocked to one side. He is extremely gentle with them, but he's just not aware of how big he is and he could so easily crush one of them with a single step. When he licks them they go flying with the force of his tongue. It is quite cute and Molly doesn't seem to mind a bit, in fact as soon as she sees Charlie enter the room she gets up (most of the time in mid feeding and the kittens fall onto the blanket with stunned looks on their faces) to go get some Charlie love.

Anywho... today was a much better day for the girls! Skye and Ashlyn played well together all day without one single spat. That's a miracle and a record for sure! *giggle* They played school and had a cooking class where they made several batches of Peanut Butter cookies and they are scrumptious! They also played Science lab and made some silly putty and something else that I don't even know what it is. They also read a lot. They are eager to earn their prize from the library's Summer reading program. I sure hope there are more days like this, even though I don't expect them to get along every day.

As for me, I scrapped much of the day away. I am working on a project for My Acrylic Album and I am really liking how it's coming along! You know when you have an idea and you don't know if it will work out, but it does, and even better than you could ever have hoped? That's how this is working out. *yay* I am hoping to finish it tomorrow, and I hope that my mojo is still with me.

I also spent a bit of time weeding. Some areas of our front yard is just a mess (at least in my eyes) and at least now it only looks half bad. Don't even get me started on the back yard. Aye! Now that's something I am not sure I even want to tackle this year. I will clean out a space for a small garden, but that's about it.

Last but not least is the card I created for Sketch This 54. I had fun with this sketch and pulled out some really old scraps to create this card. I know I sound like a broken record, but the girls on this team just rock!!! Be sure to check their gorgeous layouts and cards out, you will be inspired!


  1. Those are so darn adorable! I wish I could take one home! Love your card too, you are so talented! Can't wait to see your next album.

  2. I could never get tired of kitten shots! Nice card too! TFS! XO, Mimi

  3. Cute Card! Adorable kittens! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  4. I see their eyes are really well open now, they're so cute !


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