Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Muse at CMK

It's my week for the Monday Muse over at Create My Keepsake and it was my challenge this week. The challenge is to alter a household item. I have several of these jars and it was the perfect thing to use for this. Who doesn't need a little jar of sweets?

I am so excited that I was one of the two winners over at the Fancy Pants Blog challenge! I was really hoping I would win and am so honored to have been chosen. Gretchen's card is awesome, she has such an awesome style! Thanks to all of you out there who rooted for me and commented on my cards! :)

You have got to check out the cute stamps from a new company that just launched! Pink Persimmon (Isn't that a fun name?!) just opened shop yesterday and I cannot wait to get my hands one some of these darling sets! I even need the berry baskets! Soon... darn bills. *giggle*

I hope your week is starting off well! Things didn't happen to work out how I would have liked with Ashlyn being home sick, and the weather being so icky, but I had two really nice emails late this morning that just made my day! It's amazing how sweet words from a stranger can turn everything around! Life sure is funny sometimes.


  1. ok first I have to say how cute those kittens are! so wish I lived close to adopt one from you! awwww....2nd - holy moley I love your jar AND your challenge! I may take you up on it since I was actually thinking of altering this old piece of tin ceiling. I've been holding back not sure what to do but this may just be what I need to do something with it. I love that jar and especially with the jolly ranchers in it - it all looks so sweet and yummy! And 3rd -BIG BIG BIG CONGRATS on your win at Fancy Pants! you so deserve it girl! your work rocks and your card was beautiful! you are awesome my friend! big hugs to you!!!

  2. Congrats on the card challenge! WOO HOO! You beat mine hands down! Those Pink Persimmon stamps should be way fun, TFS!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS look at your kitties!!! Such sweetness! I love their teeny little mews!

    Ummm and your creation...WOW! I seriously want that! It's GORGEOUS Miss Rae! I LOVE all you do!

    HEY congrats on the Fancy Pants win! HUGS to you sweet girl!

  4. This is just beyond cute. I love the colors you used and all of the yummy felt!!!

  5. Congratulations how fantastic -and loving that CUTE CUTE Jar !!!!!


  6. What a lovely little project, you gave me an idea for my pom poms. You have adorable kittens by the way.

    Thanks for checking out my blog and....I tagged you. Sorry but it is a short fun one. Check out my blog for details.



I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.