Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Jolly" letters

These "jolly" letters are my first official assignment for Say It With Letters. I wanted to capture the fun and whimsical style of the letters so I used this really cute Colorful Christmas collection from My Minds Eye.
I (well actually my sweet hubby) spray painted the letters. I cut strips of paper to 1-1/2" and then glued them on the letters. I then cut around the paper, sanded the edges and finished off with some accents. They are fun and happy and I am eager to add them to my Christmas decor.

This has been a really great week with schooling. This week has been a huge reminder as to why I decided to do this. Ashlyn has been so tired and has been sleeping in until nearly 10AM each day this week. We've had to work twice as hard to make sure that we get our daily hours in, but she has been such a trooper and has worked diligently and with so much effort. We have managed to do more than I even thought we would and have even doubled up on some lessons. She has had a lot of writing assigments this week and she has dug right in and tried her best to get her thoughts down on paper. I have helped her out a bit which has helped, but mostly just as a scribe for her. We discuss a few options and then I let her express how she would like it to come across on paper and I write it. It's been much easier to do some of the bigger and tougher writing assignments using this method and it has left more time for her to tackle some of the smaller essays and other writings. Writing is a major daily event, usually a report-style paper in at least 2-3 of the subjects as well as with all the sentences and answers from other assignments, and it's time consuming. I love the program, but I have to maintain my sanity at the same time. :)
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  1. I'M SO IN LOVE...I think i need these.


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.