Thursday, November 8, 2007

oh happy day!

I am so excited!!! *big hugs grin* My wall art projects (a few posts down) were just picked up for the Scrapbook Trends Embellish It idea book! *happy dance* I am thrilled to be in this book along with so many of my scrappy friends and all the other amazing artists!

let me see... today I had pt. and it went well. I am progressing wonderfully and was even able to do some new exercises. Some were a bit uncomfortable and caused some pain, but I managed to work my way through them. I really need to work on getting my foot into a shoe, but so far I just can't. My therapist suggested I try some Crocs. Not really the best time of year to get some, but I think I will look into them just to get out of this cast when I am out of the house. The more I walk, the better I feel, yet the more I walk the more it hurts. It's a catch 22, but I am working to find just the right balance to keep moving ahead without falling back.

Skye had a wire pop out on one of her front teeth this morning while she was brushing them and I couldn't get her in to replace the wire until 2:30. And she was out of wax so she had to walk to school with a wire poking into her top lip. Thankfully one of her friends had some extra wax that she was able to use to stop it from poking into her lip.

I rented a few movies today. 'Sicko' by Michal Moore is a real eye-opener. I recommend it! Kara and Meghan are watching it now and I know it's affecting how they think and maybe even thinking about what they can do in the future to help themselves. Kara wants to move to France now and she even told me that she would pay for my dh and I to move over there. Touching and such a sweet thing to say. We'll see. lol! Even if you are not a fan of his, it's a great movie and it makes me even more thankful that we have such awesome medical coverage. We are blessed to not have to cut through all the red tape as we have in the past with other companies or even have to have referrals. That in itself is worth every penny we pay for our coverage. I often think though what one serious medical condition for any of us would do to us financially as a family. It would wipe us out. Especially if it were to happen to Kenny as he is the bread winner and I am not skilled enough to make the amount of money he does. I do worry about this often.
If I were more eloquent, I could actually write something worth reading about this, but as of late my brain seems to be mush and nothing intelligent comes out. Ha!

Tonight is Grey's! Wohoo! My favorite TV night. I missed last week because I feel asleep at 9:05. wah, and I just hope I can make it through tonight.

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  1. Hey you! Congrats on the pub! I haven't heard of that movie yet, might have to check that one out :)


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