Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some Paper Trunk projects and ankle update

Here is a card and a layout using the fabulous Paper Trunk products. It's been a great honor to have been the November TDOM and I thank you for selecting me Carrie! I enjoyed working with everything and am excited to see what new products are in store for PT!

Now for another update on my foot/ankle. I had a dr. appt. this morning and since I am not much better surgery is the next step. I am anxious about having to be laid up again and just dealing with the anesthesia which usually knocks me down for at least 36 hours. I just hope surgery is the solution. I am more than ready to be "normal" again and be able to walk and not be dependent upon others. Not sure of the date yet, but hopefully soon. An ideal time would be when the kids are home for Christmas break because I won't be able to walk for the 10-14 days the sutures are in. Having them around to help would be perfect! Ashlyn is so funny because she told me in a very serious tone that she would be more than happy to stay home from school to help me out. LOL! This kid will do anything to stay home with me. Oh, how I love her!

Just waiting for Grey's to come on. I am so tired and I am not sure I will even make it until 9 to watch it! I wrapped Nathan's Christmas and Birthday presents and am just waiting on a few more things and then he's all done. I am on top of things this year and it will be nice to actually sit back and just enjoy Christmas time and all the wonder and excitement of the season.

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  1. what a gorgeous card!
    and I wish you the best possible outcome with the surgery
    we need to get you well!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.