Tuesday, July 22, 2008

cards, folders and fabric

It's a nice cool refreshing day! It's currently raining and only about 66' outside. A welcome break from the 90's! The air smells clean and fresh and it's nice not to be too hot for a change.

Here's my card for sketch this 59. I wanted to create a masculine card and I think I pulled it off this time! I struggle with masculine and want to broaden my horizons. Everything is Scenic Route except the ribbon and button. You know, SR needs to add ribbon to their collections. That would be fabulous!

The other two cards are created with a kit from Cherries Jubilee. These kits are so cute! There are currently 2 kits to choose from. I have both. :) You need to check them out!

I took the girls out and ran a few errands this morning. We went to the Library, the bank, then to an awesome Quilt Shop that I visited for the first time yesterday and then wrapped everything up at Target.

The quilt shop is amazing!!! I am not a quilter, or even much of a sewer (unless it's on paper) and just walking into the front door of this place made me want to quilt like a mad woman! The store is called Simply Kits Quilt Shoppe and it's in a cute house off a main road. I have wanted to stop in there so many times, but never did until yesterday when Skye and I were out running around. I spied some darling fabric that I thought Ashlyn would love so I brought her back today to get her opinion. We are going to redo her room after Emily leaves (she's staying in it currently). OH, I forgot to mention yesterday that we found an almost brand new wooden bed AND an almost brand new Sealy mattress for only $25.00 (they are only a little over a year old)!!! It was out front of one of our neighbor's house and they just wanted to get rid of it. SCORE! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. :) That was my happy moment on Sunday.

Back to Ashlyn's room... she wants a "Lemonade" room; light pink and yellow walls with reds and blues and yellows and pinks brought in. Her idea, she totally approached me with it a few weeks ago and had it all planned out. Who knows, maybe she'll end up being a designer of some type in the future. Anyhow, she loves cats and dogs and as soon as I saw this 1930's inspired fabric I knew it would be perfect for her! It's got the perfect colors as well as such cute and fun prints. I was hoping she'd love it as much as I do and she did. I didn't pressure her, I was really casual about it, but inside I was jumping for joy. I really like the vintage-y feel. I bought all the squares and rest of the fabric, which was the yellow dog/cat print.
Now I am not sure what I am going to do with all of it because she wants curtains and a quilt and I don't know how to do either! lol! I am praying my mom will come to my rescue and make the quilt since she makes quilts often. I'll figure something out for the curtains. I really need to find a way to get some more of this fabric, primarily the cats/dog prints in pink, so if anyone knows of any places I might be able to find it, please let me know. :)

And last but not least we hit Target. I *heart* Target. I need a shirt that says I *heart* Target. Kara and Ashlyn and I oohed and ahhed over all the totally cute clothes for kids! I think Ashlyn wanted one of everything, especially plaid. I said that I wish I had a thousand dollars to spend there right now and Ashlyn responded with, " We have a lot in common mommy!". Crack me up! We went to shoes and checked out all the fun styles there. We then met up with Meghan, Emily and Skye back in school supplies. There is some really cute things! Ashlyn found two folders she likes (skulls and puppies... what a combo. HA! the folder that looks white is actually a light blue) and Meghan and Kara wanted the same hedgehog and owl ones. Aren't they darling?!

Well I think I have written a book today. I need to get off here and take Meghan to work and then start dinner... baked bbq chicken breasts, fresh steamed green beans and garlic cheddar mashed potatoes.... perfect comfort food for a rainy day! Have a great one!

OH, I also got my yummy kit from Color {Me} Daisy! today. It's so pretty! I can't wait to dig in and play! :)


  1. Rae, we are doing Tay's room too. What an adventure lol. We picked oranges, lime green, hot pink, and purple, hehe. We put black accents throughout the room too. Sounds like she has a great color combo picked out!

    PS. I *heart* Target too!

  2. gorgeous work Rae. I just love everything you do!!! I'll take one of your shirts when you get them printed. ;)

  3. Girl you've been busy!! LOVE your cards, and that fabric.... YUM! Long before patterned paper, my first love was fabric. [oh, and I *heart* Target too!!] hugs!

  4. Rae - I love reading your blog! Sounds like you're into scrapping and shopping as much as me! If only we had enough cash and a big enough house to fit it all in! :)

  5. We just redid Savannah's room, it was HARD work! Good luck choosing :) We did hers in Target bedding (I share the I LOVE TARGET with you!! :) ) that's turquoise/lime/brown/white polka's...so cute!! :) I LOVE the combo ya'll have picked!!!

    I LOVE your scrappy work! YOU are so talented!! :)

  6. I *heart* Target, too. The closest one to us is over two hours away (& in another country, but hey...) We'll be going there next month. Can't wait!!

    Great cards, as usual. I love how you used the SR in the first one!

  7. Gidday Rae, just popping in to say gidday - finally!!!!

    Luv your blog.......the latest cards and fabrics are very yummy.

    well done.

    Luv Sandie

  8. so you're designing the "i heart target" shirts right? online...say etsy ;) hint, hint...giggle

    Seriously my friend all your creations are amazing you rocked the masculine one and your fabric is fabulous!!!

  9. Rae, how are you girl?
    Beautiful work you've got there:-D

  10. Love the cards Rae! I heart Target too! LOL

  11. I just love your cards Rae! You need to show me what you do with our kit. :) It went out today, btw. I *heart* Target - I can't NOT go to the baby section and buy something! I'm surprised they don't have one of those already.. you could use their bullseye but put a heart in the center instead of a circle!

  12. Oh, and I love the sound of your daughter's room. I love kids room's. Probably because anything goes.


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.