Thursday, July 10, 2008


well, yesterday was a very long and disappointing day. :( My dh had a Cardiac Ablation late yesterday afternoon and the results are not what we were were hoping for. The cardiologist wasn't able to get his heart to react enough to be able to pin point a troublesome node(s). He did find one node that reacted, but since it wasn't coordinating with the readings of the EKG, he didn't feel comfortable burning it since it could cause complications. What's really hard to take is that his heart beat PERFECTLY yesterday. Not kidding. Ugh! Don't get me wrong, that's great, however, it was the first time in nearly a month that this was the case. *eyeroll* Maybe everyone prayed too hard. *giggle* However, the cardiologist thinks that the meds just didn't work out of his system yet because he knows there is something; the proof is on the piles of EKG strips as well as him witnessing huge spikes and arrhythmia himself. SO he admitted him to the Cardiac Unit and stopped all the meds with the exception of the Cardizem (he's taking a low dose to keep his blood pressure down) and he'll repeat the procedure again sometime Friday morning. Hopefully things will work out then.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers everyone, they mean the world to us!


  1. I'll keep you in my prayers. Hoping everything goes well.


  2. hope it's going better and better.

  3. We'll be saying a little prayer Raechelle. Hope it all works out.

  4. HUGS!! you are in my thoughts and prayers


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.