Wednesday, July 23, 2008

nothing went as planned today, but it's all good

You those days where you think one thing is going to happen and then you end up doing something else? Well today was one of those days for me. My intention was to get up, start some laundry and dig in my Color {Me} Daisy kit. Nope, didn't happen. Instead I ended up wasting some time on the 'net and then I got a phone call asking me if I was interested in a telemarketing job, which is totally something I don't want to do. However, I gave it some thought and decided that it paid well and the hours were good (just 3 hours 3 days a week) and that we are going to need the money once all the medical bills start rolling in, so why not. So I drove to the Temp. agency (my dh uses them and is good friends with the owner) and filled out an application. That was scary in itself. Skills? What skills do I have that would apply to a job. out there in the real world?! OK, I know I have some, but when you are asked to list them it's quite overwhelming. I've been a mom for 10 years, only working at Michael's as a cashier for a short time a few years back. I told the secretary that I scrapbook and then immediately felt stupid for saying that! *eek* Thankfully she was quite nice and told me that she admires scrapping and wishes she had the ability to do so, but she's not artsy. We then got into a conversation about how scrapping has a lot of qualities that I could relate to employment. Huh. At least I left feeling less useful than when I filled out the application.

Then I came home and intended to scrap. But I got sidetracked. Again. I decided that today was a great time to pack the car full, and I mean full, of much of the things we've had in our garage that I intended to sell in a yard sale. I realized that the way things have been to plan a yard sale would be too much work and stress so I decided just to donate it all to Value Village. Kara and I hop in the car to run the items to VV and what should have been a 25 minute round trip at most turned into almost 90 minutes. Why you ask? Because being the genius that I am, I locked my keys in the car! It was actually quite amusing because the employee that was going to help me unload had to instead go in search of a wire hanger. Ten minutes later he comes back with one in hand. Silly me thought HE was going to help me break into my car, but no, he wasn't allowed to... and even if he could he didn't know how. So there I am, completely clueless as to how the heck I am supposed to do this, trying to cram a coat hanger down my door with high hopes of this being a simple task and the door magically popping open on my first try. That must only happen in the movies. I was struggling and looking like a complete fool and Kara was just laughing. I had to wonder where were the "criminals" when I needed one? Two men tried to come to my rescue, but they were just as hopeless as I was, which leads me to believe that there needs to be a course in this for High School students (I am just kidding, but at the time I wasn't). The two men thought I was a bit wacky. While we were trying to figure this out, Kara was inside the store calling my dh to try to get the car open. After he heckled me for doing something so silly, he pulled out some tools designed to get the job done quickly. Well, that didn't work. After about 20 minutes he gave up and drove home to get the spare keys (which I must add that I suggested this in the first place... but we all know men. ;)). I am quite thankful I didn't call AAA because they wouldn't have been able to do it either; they would have the same tools as my dh did.
Finally we got the car open and unloaded and the employee's were actually cheering for me. At least they were all really nice and kept checking on me while I was waiting. Aside from taking a long time, it was quite comical. :) AND I got rid of tons of stuff! I feel lighter already. I have enough for another load, but I think I'll wait until the weekend when my dh can drive me. *giggle*

Then I came home, made dinner and took Kara to the airport. She's going to spend the next two weeks with her Aunt and Uncle. Fun stuff there!

Now I am going to finish this entry and head off to bed early and watch some Ghost Hunters. I sure hope tomorrow is productive in a scrappy kind of way. :)

The card is from this weeks card sketch (July #4) on Di Hickman's blog. I used the Blueberry Lime Parfait Birthday Card Kit from Cherries Jubilee Creations.


  1. What a day!!!! Good luck with the job...and so glad you have an extra set of keys!

  2. I know I shouldn't but I am sitting here chucklin' about the car incident. Happened to my Dad before too.
    Good luck with the telemarketing - you'll be great at it!

    And what a gorgeous card!

  3. Oh Raechelle, what a day!!
    Hope things go well with your new job.
    It sure does feel great to get rid of stuff you don't need anymore.
    Great card, too!

  4. Sounds like you had quite the adventure today. I hope you get your scrappy time in soon. I love seeing your projects!

  5. Oh my, Rae, sorry about your crazy day yesterday! We've all been there with the locking the keys in the car - glad DH got the spare set (after all the trials, lol!). And good luck with the potential job - when will you find out if you got it? Love the card!

  6. Girl you are so silly! I'm thinking ... oh sh*t, where are my extra keys!!!! I love going to VV when I'm in the Valley, never know what you're going to find.

    On the job thing .. you have tons of skills. Think of everything you have done for design teams, brainstorming/troubleshooting with the rest of us, and so much more!!!


  7. wow, sounds like quite a day there! I hope that you can have a relaxing weekend!! :)


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.