Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I should be scrapping

I really planned to scrap today, but I didn't. No mojo. I did just order the entire Mellow collection from Basic Grey though. *love* Shopping for scrappy supplies is almost as good as using them.

Kara and Meghan both got their food handler's cards today. Kara doesn't have a job yet, but when she gets back from her Aunt's, she plans to look. She would love to work at Starbucks and one just down the street hires at 17, so that's what she's hoping for when she turns 17 in a few months. They were both really worried that they wouldn't pass, but I assured them they would. After the test Kara told me that any kid in school should be able to get one and that she stayed up half the night stressing for no reason. I just smiled. When will they listen to someone who knows?

After they got their cards we had some time before Meghan had to get to work so we went to Value Village today and we scored some great deals. Kara got a skirt, some shirts and 3 pair of pants, one with the tag still on. Meghan got a skirt, a shirt and a pair of jeans. Even I got a pair of jeans and that's unusual for me. I have 2 pair now. I figure I need to get out of my lazy stay-at-home-and-veg-all-day clothes every now and then. ;) Kara found a pretty pink and black shirt that she wants to wear for school pics and it's really cute and fun! Both girls got some fun accessories, too. What's even cooler was that we got 20% off of everything! We have such a great time scouring thrift stores, I just wish we would have had more time. We'll hit the one here in the Valley next time and hopefully we'll find more great stuff!

Heather starts her job at the hospital cafeteria tomorrow and Katie will be here at 6:30AM. This will be my first full day of watching her and I just hope all goes well. She's a sweetheart, but I am not used to a toddler all day long. Nap time will be a well deserved break for sure! Sometimes I think I am crazy! *eeks*

For the lack of nothing else important to say, I will leave you now before I bore you to death. Off to do mundane tasks like cooking and laundry. Joy. Maybe I'll get motivated to scrap later. Maybe.

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