Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy 17th Kara!!!

My sweet baby girl, my first born love is 17 today! I just can't fathom this. She was just a toddler and now she's a Junior in High School. *sigh* I wish I could go back and recapture all those moments in time that I took for granted. All those times I thought that I would hold onto forever, but have slipped through the holes in my memory never to return. However, I am truly grateful for the one memory that I still have that is just about as clear as the day it happened; her birth. There are more fuzzy edges with each passing year, but I still get all sappy and teary-eyed each birthday reliving the events of her birth and sharing this special story with her. Out of all the memories I carry, this is is the one I never want to forget!

For her birthday she decided that she wanted to put some holes into her precious body. Eek! I had NO idea what this bar was until I saw it at the tattoo parlor yesterday and I about fell over! I thought this "bar thing" was something smaller and not so invasive. She's wanted one for years and we told her when she turned 17 she could get one. She handled it well, although she was pretty scared at the time. I held her hand and all I could think about was how quick the process was. We were in and out in just minutes.

Now, for a ankle/foot update: if this weren't so funny I'd be in tears! Skye and I went to Starbucks this morning and the pavement was wet. What do I do? I slipped. One crutch went one way, the other went the opposite way and my casted foot bounced off the ground and smacked into the door. OUCH! Someone behind me asked me if I was OK, and fortunately I was. I think I was more shocked and embarrassed than hurt and Skylar just thought it was the funniest thing and I suppose it was. haha. Not so funny now because I am sore, but bearable. Today is just going to be a down day for me. bare minimum.
Having said that, I have noticed huge improvements each day! I have been doing my pt exercises at home and can almost complete the full count of each one, each round. The most difficult time is at the end of the day because my ankle doesn't tolerate it well, but I do at least 25-30 of the 50 reps before I can't take anymore. I at least know this is helping the process. The first few times I tried, I could barely handle 10, so anything above that is improvement. I have been walking a bit and just making sure I am not over-doing it. The therapist wanted me to try to get a shoe on for 10 minutes each day, but I just can't do that yet because the area around my ankle is super hyper-sensitive. Soon enough. Slow and steady wins the race and that's the way I am going to go. :)

Happy Sunday!


  1. tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! for me and big hugs!!!!!! and wow the thing is big :O lol

  2. WOW!! That thing looks painful ;) I want to see a head and shoulders shot, so I can see how it looks :) OMGoodness about the falling.. and I do have to admit I chuckled a bit ;) Glad that things seem to be getting better.. we will call later on today ;) Love you!!


  3. oh my gosh that looks painful!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.