Monday, October 29, 2007

So sore!

I feel as if I have been in a fender bender. Yesterday I feel out of my car. Yes, out. Pretty stupid. In front of my neighbors and Skye and Ashlyn. I have an Expedition, so it's up a bit higher and I have to slide a bit to get out. I was trying to get out and I planted my crutches on the ground as always and then I just ease my arms onto them. Well, I had placed them in the red rock by our driveway and tried to get out and the next thing I know the crutches flew out from under me. Apparently the rocks moved and down I went. Not gracefully either. I slid down the inside of the car and landed on the ground on my back and I ended up with my head resting on the running board. I was in immediate pain. I did manage to get up and ask the neighbors if I had scored a perfect 10 on that one and laughed before I started crying. I went in the house and sat down and did that laugh/cry thing for several minutes. I was thankful that I decided to wear my winter coat because even with it on, I managed to scrape myself up pretty good.

I have bruises in places that I didn't even know I hurt until I tried to sleep last night. My back is sore in several places. My neck is stiff. My right wrist is in pain and my left elbow is really banged up and swollen. It was a long night full of tossing and turning just trying to find a comfortable position that didn't cause pain to my back, neck or ankle. I am having a hard time using my crutches today so I am walking slowly and carefully and trying not to place too much pressure on my foot or arms. Today is going to be a long day and I have Katie.

At least my foot seems to be feeling better again. A few days of rest got me back on track. If nothing else, at least I know that I can't push myself too hard, even though I really want to get back on both feet again. I can once again do all my home pt exercises without agony so things are looking up. I am able to touch my ankle area for longer periods of time now, too. That in itself is huge because of all the tissue damage. Hopefully when the PT does whatever it is he's going to do to it tomorrow I can tolerate it. Last time I thought I was going to crawl out of my skin when he barely touched it.

Well, I gotta get back upstairs to Katie before she wakes up and crawls out of her playpen. Another long day ahead.
Happy Monday!

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  1. Yikes!! I am sorry you fell out of your car!!!
    I love your work at CMK!! I went to your gallery and saw all of the cute stuff you did with the Pink.Sugar.Pop stamps, SO, I went to the site and bought some!!!

    Just wanted to say your work is AWESOME!!! YAY!!

    Charlotte Cramer :)


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