Monday, December 30, 2013

My favorite 12

As the year draws to a close I decided to do as many others are and share my favorites of the year. This was tough. These are in no top order, just going back from the first month I started scrapping this year.

I like this layout because of the colors and mixture of patterns. This layout started my love of the color Navy. lol 

I like the bold blacks with the softer colors. This layout incorporates my favorite techniques and colors. 

This one just speaks to my heart. Ashlyn was obsessed with helping the cat eat when she was a baby. I really like the cut pp as well as the mixture of patterns and colors on this layout. 

I really like the colors and mixture of patterns on this card. All scraps- even better. 

I like this layout because it is so different than my usual style, yet it still contains elements that are me. This layout was a challenge for me, but I am thrilled with the end result. This layout represents the fact that Ashlyn's health was in a much better place than it had been in years. She was able to enjoy the "here & now" for awhile. :)

Another layout that really grabs my heart because Ashlyn was feeling healthy enough to do something as simple as play in the wading pool. This was a big deal. I love how bold and fun this layout is and the misting is one of my favorite parts about it. 

I just really like how this one turned out. 

I really love these photos of Sklyar. The colors and mix of prints are great together and I especially love the banner. I cannot believe this girl graduates in about 6 months. 

I absolutely love how this layout turned out! This is one of my favorite pictures of Moose when we first got him. I am so not a gold person, but this layout made my dislike of gold turn into a wow! I need more gold! I really like the elements and overall design of this one. 

This photo speaks volumes to me. It is strong and fierce, yet soft and sweet at the same time. I was so blessed to capture this in an image. This girl is a warrior. She is strong and brave and makes me a better person. I am blessed. <3 p="">

This is a busy layout, but my eye is still drawn to the sweet photo. I really enjoy mixing patterns- I may not always be effective, but sometimes you just have to try. 

These photos of Skylar crack me up. I really like the colors, string and wooden accents on this one. 

Thanks for scrolling through. I like to mix things up and try new things, however there is always one of my "signature" elements on each project- be it a butterfly, twine bow, machine stitching, distressing or mist. These are things that make me happy. :) 

If you have a top favorites, please let me know so I can take some time to look at your favorites! 

Keep on scrappin'! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

You are so sweet bottle set

Hi everyone. This is my take on the current Color Me Scrappy challenge, #52. When I saw that the twist for this challenge was to scrap something food related, I immediately decided to create a bottle set. I gave this set to Ashlyn's teacher who comes over a few times a week to teach her since she is too ill to attend school yet again {*heavy sigh*}.

You can check out the current challenge by visiting the Color Me Scrappy Blog here


Unfortunately Ashlyn has had a huge setback. She dropped down to 74 pounds, losing 7 pounds alone in about 5 weeks. She has not been able to walk unassisted for over 3 weeks now and her body is severely malnourished. She is literally skin and bones. She had another ng tube placed on Wednesday morning and will undergo a surgery to place a permanent feeding tube directly into her stomach (called a g-tube) so she will not have to continue to have the ng tube. We have no date set for the surgery as of yet. It is so heartbreaking. She is so angry with her body and feels like she failed (as do I). We have worked so hard to keep her weight stable and she lost about 18 months of progress in just a few weeks. For whatever reason her body just doesn't like to absorb nutrients. We may never know why. She had full scopes again a few weeks ago and thankfully her Crohn's is under control. That is a huge blessing, because that would have just made this situation so much worse. If you could keep my sweet girl in your prayers, I would appreciate it. She would really like to be able to have enough energy to enjoy Christmas. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Several layouts to share

Hello! :) I am back with another post today. This time I have three layouts that I created this week using some of the current sketches from the My Scraps & More Sketches blog.

This one was created using sketch #57:

This one uses sketch #53:

This last one uses sketch #54:

(the photos in this one are really dark)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

I {leaf} you momma

Happy December! :) Here is my take on the challenge 51 on the Color Me Scrappy blog. I love the soft, peaceful mix of colors for this palette, even though I am not really much a fan of green.

stop by the CMS blog to see the color palette and sketch for this challenge. :)