Monday, September 8, 2008

some Color{me}Daisy projects

It's Monday, and this is the start of school in full swing for the girls. They were tired just after the 2 measly days they attended last week, how are they ever going to survive a full week of school?! lol!Oh, to only have the worries of school, although I suppose it's major for them so I'll let them sulk if they want to. ;)

My back is feeling a lot better, but I am still quite sore and sitting is still painful. I hope a few more days of downtime is going to help because I am tired of it. At least I can stand and was able to scrap a bit yesterday. I wrapped up the September kit from Color{Me}Daisy and took pics of the Skull Album I have been working on/sitting on forever (it seems that way to me at least ;)). I'll post those pics tomorrow.

Color{Me}Daisy is going to be holding it's first online crop on September 19th through the 21st! Here's a link, come join us! :)

Ashlyn's birthday is tomorrow and I need to go order a cake for her. I also need to make cupcakes to take to her class tomorrow. She's so excited! I should say she's excited other than the fact that she has to go to school and have homework on her special day. ha!

Have a great Monday and a super week!

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