Friday, July 23, 2010

EAD Weekly Steal 7/23- it's gorgeous!

This piece of vinyl is a stunner! Better get it before it's gone forever! :)

Don't forget about the DT call, which ends in two days! Check it out here on the blog.

News in my little corner of the world.... Meghan arrived safely in Chicago. In some ways it was easier than sending Kara off, but I still have a huge piece of my heart missing. They left 5 months apart, which still astonishes me. The dynamics of our home has been overturned twice in such a short period of time. I haven't stopped missing Kara, but it does get a bit easier once we can have contact. The Navy has two very special women in their fleet and I hope they know it! hahahaha
Kenny's surgery went well. he actually came home from the hospital yesterday, 2 days earlier than expected. He's in a lot of pain, but it's more surgery pain, not like before. He's been up walking a bit and is doing well. His recovery is going to be about a year, and he'll have to re-train himself to walk differently since he's been overcompensating for the pain for years now, but I am sure he'll be feeling like a new man soon. It sure beats suffering through the work day and then coming home to spend all his downtime in bed. This is how it's been for months now, and it's no way to live.
As for me, I have a new job as of yesterday. Hobby Lobby is coming to WA, and I just happened to get hired to work in the scrapbooking area! I am excited... not so much that it's another retail job, because I really want to get something better, but I do not have any formal training in anything so until I can get off to College, which I hope to start sometime this year. The hours are what attract me the most. Closed Sundays! Wohoo! A day that I will be able to spend with my family! It's been hard not having a weekend day off for over a year where we are all together. I never got a Sunday off at Target, except for the 3 I requested off. HL also closes at 8PM, which isn't all that bad. It beats closing at 10PM and then staying until 11 or so, and even later once the holiday season kicks in. I can handle getting off work even as late as 9, but it's anything after that that wears me down.
My rambling is over... I am exhausted emotionally, but have a new sense of energy and am feeling good about things for the first time in months. It's been a rough year for us and I hope this is the beginning of good things. At least I know that the three precious girls we have left in our house will not be flying the nest for several years. Maybe by the time Emily is ready to fly, my heart will have healed a bit from this year. ;)

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

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