Monday, May 23, 2011

My first She Art girl

I am truly blessed. In so many ways. I am thankful for this every single day.
I have been on a streak of good luck as far as winning a lot of scrappy goodies lately, and I am fortunate to have won a free spot in The She Art workshop by Christy Tomlinson class. After a chaotic start to the month, I finally got around to focusing on the class and really digging into it. I am so excited about having created my first She Art girl (in fact I created 3, but I am only going to share one today)! I love how she turned out, and I love even more the fact that I was able to free my mind and create a piece of art I have until now simply admired. I never thought I could create something quite like this, although now that I have it seems so silly to think that, because it's not the difficult process that I had imagined it would be. It is just a matter of letting go, and just doing. Let the canvas be your guide. It really is that simple. I still have two more weeks to go in the class, and so much more to learn, but I am incredibly inspired by what I have learned thus far. This class has reached the inner artist in me that has been screaming to expand her artistic abilities. :)

Here she is:

Thanks for stopping by! :) I hope you have some joy in your heart today.

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