Thursday, September 15, 2011

school and layouts to share

School got off to a great start for the girls! Ashlyn adjusted very well- much to the delight of us and her therapist. We did start off with a few kinks, but by the second day, things were quickly changed to meet her needs. She was pulled from PE on the first day of her having to do it, and was instead placed into a core math class- both things I had requested, but were denied prior to school starting. She was also placed under the care of a nurses aide, so she gets two welfare checks during the day and this same aide delivers her formula to her for both lunch and 5th period. She is a wonderful woman and I am thankful that we have her to look out for Ashlyn.

I really wasn't sure that this was going to work out, but now that I know she is being cared for in the ways that she needs, I feel so much better about sending her. We will still have to work on meeting her nutritional needs trhoughout the day, but that will have to be adjusted as needed, and the school acted immediately upon my first request to provide her with more formula so this will not be an issue. Tomorrow morning we meet to complete her officical 504 plan. Her therapist has spoken with the school counselor to express her opinions on Ashlyn's needs and we will bring all these ideas to a formal proposal which will then be passed to each of her teachers. So far they have been wonderful and I think this will be a successful year- provided she can stay healthy. She is already sick and this will be day 2 missed, with tomorrow being another day at home as well. Her body has a lot of adjusting to undergo and hopefully she'll be able to manage this.

here she is on her first day (Sept. 7th):

Skylar is also attending the high school this year. She is super excited because she got some primo classes, that are REALLY hard to get into, especially as a Sophomore. Seniors and Jr's take priority, but somehow even with this, she made the cut for both of them; Technical Theatre (class started with 25 kids, and was cut down to 13 after the first 3 days- she made the cut- woot!) and Video Media Production. She will more than likely be the news anchor for the school tv news network- her teacher likes her vibrant and bubbly and friendly personality and thinks she will be a great success on "TV". She is over the moon excited about both of these classes and is sure to learn a lot.

Skye on her first day:

Emily is a Junior and although she did not get most of the electives she wanted, she got some great art classes- she is really great with art! and manged she also get into Biology, which is huge for her. She is in most IEP academic classes, so for her to be placed into a "regular" science class is exciting for her. Both her and Skye are in biology but have different teachers, thankfully. I was a bit concerned that they might end up in the same class at the same time with the same teacher.
Emily on her first day:

Here are some recent layouts and a card I created for some of my challenges on My Scraps and More:


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