Thursday, March 1, 2012

March SWAT sketch and layout

Wow. March already. February seems to have passed by in a big blur- but that's probably because I have been so busy the past two weeks (more details below).

A brand new month means a brand new sketch from Sketches With A Twist. Here is the sketch and the "twist" this month is to use 3 identical embellishments on your layout.

Here is my take- I used 3 butterflies for my "twist":

I had so much fun making the chevrons!- at first I was worried about how I was going to do them, but it was pretty simple one I dug in. These beautiul new papers from MME and Dear Lizzy really helped my inspiration- they are wonderful!

I do hope you'll take some time this month to join us this month with your take on this great sketch! Once again, my fellow teammates blew me away with their fantastic takes on this sketch.


As some of you may know, Ashlyn hasn't been feeling well. She was diagnosed 10 months ago with early onset Crohn's Disease and the doctor suspected that she was having a flare, and that the disease was progressing due to Ashlyn's vast decline in health the past 6 weeks. So last week I drove her across the state to S\attle where she had an appt. with her gi doc and then a few days later another colonospoy/endoscopy with about two dozen biopsies. This is the fourth time she's had this procedure done in just as many years. Sadly, she is an old pro at them.

Yesterday we  got the results from the biopsies. Ashlyn 's Crohns has spread, and is all over her gi tract from her stomach to her rectum, even the GI doctor was surprised by the amount of granulomas that were found on areas that appeared to look good to the naked eye. So the plan is for Ashlyn to start taking 30MG of steroids in the AM and then 35 mg of Mercaptopurine (a chemo drug) in the evening, and back onto the Prevacid as well. This just sucks. The remainder of the school year is up in the air, but that will be addressed later.

The good news is  that we are still holding off on the ng tube for at least one more week. But it won't be a bad thing if she needs it.  Her white count is barely above, it is only .1 above, so her risk of infection is going to be extremely high and the extra nutrition might just give her system some extra fuel to fight off anything that might come her way.
In a way I am thankful that we can now be more aggressive and treat her, and maybe in a few months she can be just like any other 12 year old kid- not someone who cannot eat or walk and spends most of her time in bed.

I hope that this posting finds you and your family in good health. I'll be back soon with some more projects. :)

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  1. Raechelle I just love the pretty colours of your layout and the assortment of papers you have used to create your chevron across the page. I am sorry to hear that Ashlyn is still not too good and hope that the news of what future treatments can be done means that she will be better soon.


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.