Sunday, August 12, 2007

Skye comes home today!

I am so happy! I pick Skye up from the airport at 1PM today. *happy dance* She's been off visiting her grandparents and dad for almost a month now, and it seems like so much longer. It's always so hard on my heart when she's gone, but I know she had a great time. Now, having said that, it's not going to be quiet around here anymore. LOL! She's an instigator and does not let things rest without her giving the final word. Hopefully her, Ashlyn and Emily will be able to get along for at least a few days. ;)

Our kitty Jack has another abscess. Not sure how he managed this, but it's about the size of a half dollar and sticks out about an inch from his head. I noticed it about 5PM last night and he's been doing something to it because when I woke up this AM I saw he's got a huge bald area and it's much larger than I even thought. We've tried to get it to burst using warm compresses, but it's not happening. I am going to call the vet today and have them lance it and get him on some antibiotics. We just did this with him in April.

No one works today, so we can all hang out.
Ashlyn lost a tooth last night. She's been working on that tooth for weeks and she finally wiggled that baby out late last night.
I was walking boot free all day for the first time yesterday! It was so odd to walk in a shoe all day, and by the late afternoon it was achy, but I can deal with that. Driving still puts the most pressure on my foot/leg so I am going to stick the boot when I drive. I really wish I didn't have to drive at all for a bit, but that's just not working out for me.

Today is our "deep" cleaning day where the kids have to clean everything in their rooms inclulding drawers, closets, dusting and vacuuming. As well as the rest of the house and yard. I have been keeping up on laundry all week, so I just have the bedding to wash today.
We're having fish and cheese tortellini for dinner. Kenny's cooking. Not sure how he's going to prepare it yet, but he did get lots of yummy fresh veggies last night, so it's sure to be good!
Enjoy your Sunday!

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