Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some recent work

I was in a bit of a scrappy rut last week, but I did manage to create a few layouts and a card. The 'Afraid Of Spiders' layout is for the Treasured Hunt challenge #2 over at Treasured Scrapbooking. It's not one of my favorite layouts, and I am just hoping I can make it through to the next round. The talent is amazing, and I am anxiously awaiting the announcement of the next round of contestants to move forward sometime today. *gulp* The other 3 layouts are inspired from challenges over there as well. I like those much better. ;)

The card using the Pink.Sugar.Pop. stamps was inspired by the words "kiss kiss". I heard them on the TV the other day and this idea popped into my head. It's amazing where inspiration comes from and you never know when an idea is going to come together. I have learned over time to see and hear things in a creative artistic way, just another wonderful thing I have grown to do as a scrapper. :)

I have two fun toots! First, I was one of the freelance designers selected for the Kits and Pieces kit club! I am really excited about this! I think the concept of having a group of designers to pick and choose from as well as giving the designers an option to pass on a kit is a great idea! I am really looking forward to seeing how this is going to work. The kits are really cute!
I have a mystery toot, too... a real mystery to me. LOL! I will be a Guest Designer for a kit club next month, however I have no idea which one it is! Fun!

I ordered some of the new Fancy Pants Designs last night! I love it! More is coming to CMK soon, and I am sure I'll take another chunk of stuff when it arrives. Love, Elsie is due to come in soon as well. Yikes! Thank Goodness I have the good sense to pick and choose now or I'd be in trouble.

Nathan was accepted into school yesterday! I am soooo over the moon thrilled about this! He's going to be attending an alternative school and he'll be doing a lot of hands on work and they encourage him to work, so they will be allowing him to leave school early. He'll get to earn some elective credit hours for working, too, which is going to help him a lot! He *should* be graduating this coming June, however, he's got to start as a Freshman since he is 1 credit short of fulfilling his Freshman year. If he does a good job, then he will more than likely be able to do a re-entry program in the winter/spring which is more intense and covers a lot of ground. If he can pass that, then he can enter as a Senior next year and possibly graduate in Jan. of '09 or at the latest in June. I think he's going to have a wonderful experience there. Heck, I was envious... I want to go there! :)

Kara's flight was canceled last night, so she should be home this afternoon. We all miss her, but I'd rather her come home a day late and safe then not at all.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful layouts! I especially love the tic-tac-toe one! Awesome!

  2. Such beautiful work!!! I really love the tic tac toe one too! Congrats on your kit design team..they are lucky to have you!!

  3. Congrats on all the toots!!! How fun for a kit surprise design team!!

  4. GORGEOUS! I love the card, absolutely fantastic!

  5. Those layouts are just stunning girl!

  6. That tic tac toe layout just plain rocks!!!!! as your work always does! congrats on your toots...can't wait to see which one is the Mystery GDT!

  7. Hey girl..just wanted to let you know I added you to my fave blogs list on the bottom of my blog!


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