Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Queen for a day

Kara bought her prom dress last week and she looks amazing in it... like a queen! She almost didn't try this dress on because she really dislikes purple and thought this dress wouldn't flatter her, but she is SO glad she did because it turned out the be the one for her. She just glows in this and you can see it from head to toe. Prom is in about 2 weeks, so there will be plenty more pics to share then. :)

This card, 'Queen for a day', was made for cp11. The Paper Pixie generously sponsored our team and the girls created such beautiful cards using these fun products. Thank you paper pixie!

I found out something interesting about Ashlyn yesterday that I was unaware of until now. I am not sure how this will factor into things, but I feel like I have something else that makes sense as to why she is feeling how she is and what could be "wrong" with her. I didn't know until yesterday that her thyroid levels are low. The endocrinologist doesn't think that it's anything to worry about right now because he thinks the answer lies in her bone marrow, but it does make me think that some of the problems she is having could stem from this. I guess it's another lead that I am going to look into. The oncologist will have this information and that along with bone marrow could really answer things. I like having something to understand and be able to grasp my mind around because I can connect symptoms that make sense and it's restful for my mind. It makes me hopeful that there will be answers soon. I am really consumed about this and try as I might, it's on my mind all the time no matter what I do.

Take care!


  1. How beautiful she is!! She really does look like a queen. ;) Your card is pretty too!

    Hope you find out the answers you are looking for about Ashlyn's thyroid levels. Waiting is so hard.


  2. What a sweet card. She does look beautiful.

  3. She looks amazing!!! She those photos brought back memories of my prom...I had a purple dress too! But hers is totally gorgeous!

    I hope you get some answers soon on things for Ashlyn!


  4. She looks gorgeous, Rae! I hope you get answers soon with Ashlyn, so she can start feeling better. I feel so bad for her.

  5. Wow Rae, She looks beautiful! they grow up so fast, huh!? Hope Ashlyn feels better soon! Amy Tara

  6. She looks great in purple! I hope Ashlyn feels better soon. Take care.

    I love the paper pleating on this card.


  7. I hope you get answers soon!!!! She is so beautiful in that dress!!!!

  8. Hi, stumbled upon your blog from Di Hickman's card samples. I love your card the best, you do great work!

  9. Kara looks gorgeous!! Love your card as well I really think is should go to Kara who does look like a queen, princess really!!
    Hope all goes well for Ashlyn. sending hugsxx


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.