Monday, June 14, 2010

Proud Hug layout and Flag Day living flag story

I just love this photo of Meghan and Skye. They are very close and it's very sweet. These Thrift Shop papers from October Afternoon are gorgeous and were perfect for this.

In honor of Flag Day, Kara was involved with a project at the Naval Station in Great Lakes, IL. They recreated a living flag that was originally done in November 1917. Everyone has been practicing several hours a day preparing for this. She said it was really boring to stand for hours at a time, but the end result was well worth it. She was a part of History and that is pretty darn cool if you ask me. She only knows that she was a stripe (I am pretty sure she said a dark stripe) and is by a star. Maybe she'll be able to give me more info now that she has a clear head. (In addition to doing this for several hours a day she had a big test she was studying for, which she passed.Yay!) Here is a link to the full story if anyone is interested in reading about it.

this is the image from today:

this is the original image:


  1. What a fun fun layout and fabulous page!!! WOW that is one amazing flag pictue!

  2. My son is a Chief at NTC, Great Lakes and was part of the flag picture today too. He was on the pole some where near the top. Congrats on your daughter passing her test.


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