Wednesday, October 17, 2007

an update

I had a nerve conduction test done yesterday and it appears that the root problem of my ankle pain is not a direct nerve issue. The nerve is being affected by swelling though, which is an issue. Pretty much this is not something that can be a "quick fix" with surgery, not that I wanted surgery, but if it would have solved this problem then that would have been wonderful. This has deflated my spirits once again. I know there is something wrong, but nothing is showing up. It's a frustrating process that makes me doubt myself. I still have minor pain and visible swelling, yet there seems to be no reason for it. This just means more resting, which is all fine and dandy, but I have no end in sight. Oh well, I am sure I will be over this newest pity party soon. ;)

I did manage to create 2 cards last weekend with Pink.Sugar.Pop. stamps! LOVE these stamps! I am not able to upload at this time, but will do so later.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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