Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's November!

Hi there! It's going to another perfect fall day! Crisp cool air and plenty of sunshine. It's deceiving, but pleasant.

The beautiful November Vintage Lace kit is up for sale at CMK, be sure to snag one up before they are gone! You can check it out here:

Here some pics of the girls last night. My camera battery died so I had to use Kara's camera and I didn't get good pics. :( Oh well. Skye went trick-or-treating with her friends in Sarah's neighborhood. She came home with a huge bag of candy buzzing with excitement! Meghan and Kara each took Ashlyn out for an hour each. Ashlyn was wiped out at the end of the night, but she managed to barely make it through 'Pushing Daisies' which happens to be her new favorite TV show. Since she doesn't start school until 10:05am on Thursdays I allow her to stay up late and watch it with us.

I am no longer watching Katie! I can't even express what a relief this is! I am thankful that Heather was able to find a daycare for her that she seems to like, and that it all happened so quickly. I sure didn't expect this to happen for weeks, but to be honest I didn't realize how much stress this was causing me until I got the confirmation last night that yesterday was my last day watching her. I did a happy dance and acted like a freak in the chair I was sitting in. My kids thought I had lost my mind for a bit there. lol I can now take care of me and my own family first which I haven't been able to do for months now.

I got my mojo back, too! Not having the freedom to create when the mood strikes for days on end is frustrating. I feel like "I" am back again which is the most satisfying feeling. It's OK to be selfish. I have earned it. ;)

Happy first day of November!


  1. Loving the GHOST costume. They all look great ! Glad to hear you are not sitting any more and will have more free time for those AWESOME layouts I luv to drool over :') !!!


  2. what fun costumes! love the creepy take onthe ghost!

  3. Isnt that how it always happens? Your camera dies on an important picture day? That sucks!


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.