Sunday, December 2, 2007

A pic of Charlie and scrappy stuff

I managed to get a cute picture of Charlie this morning. Check out the size of those paws! He's going to be gigantic! Eek! Angel, our lab, is still a bit skittish and afraid of him except when they go outside. Angel sure loves having him to play with. The cats are freaked out, and surprising Jake who is the king of the cats is the most afraid. He won't even come in the house on his own, he'd rather mill around under my car in the front yard and wait to be brought in by anyone willing to get him. Molly is the only one who could really care less. She hisses when Charlie gets too close, but other than that she just goes on about her own way. The other 3 cats just freeze up and stare and get all puffy. It's pretty funny, but I am sure in time they'll get used to him.

And now some scrappy stuff.
the "got snot?" card is for my friend Rachel who has been suffering from a runny nose for a long time now. I felt a bit devilish and decided to make a card for her. ;) I hope it cheers her up!

the ur so sweet card is based on a card sketch over at Di Hickman's blog (scroll down to the Nov. card #4). I used a Pink.Sugar.Pop. stamp, glitter and celaphane to cover it.

The layout is one I started 2 weeks ago, but just needed to add the finishing touches. I rarely leave a layout for more than a day and it was driving me nuts not having it finished.

It was much warmer today, about 34' most of the day, even though with the wind chill it felt like it was in the teens. It was crazy windy and it snowed huge flakes sideways almost all day, but nothing stuck because it was above freezing. Bummer. We would have had at least 6"+ out of this one if it would have come a bit earlier. Oh well, at least the roads won't be a wicked mess (other than the slush) and I will be able to take Kara to her Dr. appt. on Tuesday morning. Saves Kenny a trip. I will also be able to run errands and hopefully finish up Christmas shopping.

The kids went out sledding at the park and they had a good time. It was warm enough for them to stay out for a few hours, but that also meant that the snow just turned to a slushy mess so they came home a bit let down. Hopefully we'll get a lot of snow next weekend and Kenny can take the kids to the park we went sledding at last Winter.
I stayed inside and scrapped today. I managed to create 2 layouts and I have started on a 3rd. I am having mojo problems though, so I will work on it tomorrow.
Good night!


  1. you are so silly! and, I do love the card - it's very sweet of you ;)

  2. Charlie is a cutie! Love those cards too. silly girl. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping buy and leaving sweet notes :) Still laughing about that card for RAchel!
    I love your work!

  4. I love Rachel's Got Snot card. And I love the layout with the tree!

  5. LOVED your recent work of course! And your dog is adorable!

  6. LOL! OMG, I love that "got snot" card! Too funny! As always everything here is absolutely fabulous!

    You always create such amazing work!!! When I saw that you were applying for the HIHS CT, I didn't have any doubt that you would be selected. It's going to be great to get to know you better on the team! smiles...

  7. I just love that "got snot" card!!!

  8. God bless you and your surgery. Do what they tell you to do. I had knee surgery last September. (It is hard to rely on the kindness of others, such as friends and family-but remember this - you would do the same for them in a heartbeat!)
    Just let me tell you some hints. Listen and ask questions that have to do with your recovery. You are in charge of your healing. Don't be afraid to ask everything that might help! When it comes time for's hard, but worth it. I got rid of my limp, but it took time and effort.
    I found (if you can find one near you)...therapy in warm pool is a blessed relief as opposed to that on land. It's soothing to get into a warm pool of water and far easier on your muscles. If you want to write me back feel free.

  9. Who wouldn't love a friend who loved you enough to give you a got snot card ... hilarious.


I thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Have a beautiful day.