Sunday, January 27, 2008


I have been meaning to link this up for days, but I have been such a slacker. ;) If you haven't heard of Pink Paislee, you will soon! Rebecca and Holly are debuting this brand new company at CHA in a little less than two weeks. There will be 2 gorgeous paper lines, several stamps (some of them are smaller versions of the cute Pink.Sugar.Pop. stamps that Pink Paislee absorbed), alphas, cool paper shapes, and fun die cuts. The colors are fabulous!!! I am so proud of them and excited for this debut!!! There's nothing better than seeing someone have a dream and make it come true! I wish I could be there in person, but I'll be there in spirit. Here's the blog link, the site isn't quite up yet: Check out the fun layouts and great sneak peeks! I am eager to get my hands on some of this yumminess!!!

We had some decent snowfall today. Officially at the Spokane Airport we picked up 11.2" (there's more but this is what I heard a few hours ago) and even more in the outlying areas. It's really heavy and wet and compact. The streets are a slushy mess, but it's really pretty! I haven't ever seen this much snowfall in such a short time and there is at least 8"+ on the way for the next few days. The snowflakes were huge and they just fell hard and heavy all through the day. The kids aren't excited about having to walk to school in it and I am not all that eager to drive to Physical Therapy tomorrow morning either. But, thankfully life goes on and things keep moving.


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  2. I've been curious about this line, I'm anxious to see it. I wondered what happened to Pink.Sugar.Pop, thanks for clearing that up :)

  3. Yummy stuff....
    We got snow on the West side of the mtns too last night! We're due for more tonight...stay warm and safe...
    (and give me some more peeks when you can!)


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