Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is VERY cool!!!!

Angela, the owner of Unity Stamp Company, has come up with an amazing idea and created a brilliant product for stampers! Check it out here. The bottom of the handle is "OPEN" to fit the stamps that are mounted on our inserts, AND you flip the handle OVER so that you can use the acrylic side with unmounted stamps.
UNITING wood and acrylic!
I am sooo excited about this! *clapping*

I have been seeing so many sneak peeks of new product ready to roll out after CHA. So many FUN things! I know I will be ordering up a storm. :)

Today was nice. Kenny and I took Skye to the mall to meet her friends and while we were there we ate a yummy lunch at Ivars. We both had Halibut and caesar salads with clam chowder. While we were eating we watched big snowflakes fall from the sky. It was great! We then went to Wal Mart to stock up and then to Michael's. Then it was time to pick Skye up from the mall and Meghan from work. Nothing overly exciting, but for once we decided not to take the kids with us so that was a treat in itself. lol! No "can I have this?" or "I need this." over and over and over.

I am off to work on my at home PT stuff. 3 times a day, although there have been a few times I have only done it twice (usually the 3 days a week I have PT because I get a full 90+ minute workout and I am really achy by the end of the night) but I am making huge progress. Yesterday was the first day I was able to get my foot flat on the ground! Yahoo!!! Now I won't be doing a lot of walking right now since it puts a lot of pressure on my knee, but it does mean that things should really start to progress as I gain strength. My ankle area tires easily and it's still achy all the time due to everything straining and stretching and starting to work again, but it's a good pain because I know it's the healing kind. I'll try to upload another pic tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

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