Thursday, May 22, 2008

it's Thursday!

Happy Thursday! It's already been a busy morning around here. Skye had an ortho appt. to put the rest of her brackets on. She's already had her braces on for a year, it's so hard to believe! Now that her teeth are starting to co-operate, things might go a bit smoother.
Nathan came to pick up his truck. Since we are no longer Nathan's guardians Kenny was able to have the truck transferred out of his name into Nathan's yesterday. The plan was for Nathan to pick it up Saturday, but Nathan called this morning telling us he was on his way to get it. A bit rude of him and it was a good thing Kenny was home or there would have been a problem because I wouldn't have been able to help him. Kenny thinks that Nathan is just playing games again and told people he was worried that now that it's in his name we would "do something" to it. Whatever. SO glad it's out of our hair and yard now. He has nothing left here, so he has no reason to come around. So far he's doing wonderfully on his own... *snort*... he's dropped school and nearly lost his job. WOW, so impressive. Life is not easy and he's really going to have some hard lessons. Hopefully he will learn and move forward and not play the "woe is me" card like he's so fond of doing.
Just thinking about him boils my blood, so enough!

How about something fun, like a card for Di's sketch this week. I pulled out some old Fancy Pants Designs paper for this one, but it was the paper that came to mind. I love what the other girls have done this week, well every week. ;) Be sure to check their cards out.

And THIS is even more fun!!! SO excited about this!

Grey's is on tonight, sadly it's the end of the season. It seems like it just started and *poof* it's over. Now we've gotta wait several months for things to pick up again. That's OK though, it gives us something to look forward to.

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  1. That card is beautiful, Raechelle! Love the dimension of the flowers! Ooh, thanks for pointing out that link - I hadn't noticed that yet!


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